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DTU Students Win Prize at Security Bootcamp 2022

The Security Bootcamp 2022 contest took place from September 9 to 11, in Quang Ninh on the topic “Adaptive Security”. After many hours of highly intense competition between the thirteen expert teams from many information security businesses and agencies, the ISITDTU team from Duy Tan University outstandingly won third prize.
Security Bootcamp 2022 was organized by the Security Bootcamp expert community and with support from the Department of Information Security (under the Ministry of Information & Communications), the Quang Ninh province Department of Information & Communications, and the Vietnam Internet Association (VIA). The event counted two main parts:
- specialized workshop on information security, and
- Security Bootcamp contest.
The event was attended by over 150 people from the Vietnamese information security community, 13 experts, and students with a love for information security, privacy, and network security.
Security Bootcamp 2022 not only offered a place to share and discuss hot topics in the field, but also for different institutions to meet and show their capacities through the contest. The event furthermore was an opportunity to creating teams and connecting with others working in information security throughout the country and to share the latest information and skills in network security, creating a prestigious and high-quality forum for information security in Vietnam.
Tru?ng d?i h?c duy nh?t d?t gi?i ? Security Bootcamp 2022
ISITDTU team from Duy Tan University won third prize at Security Bootcamp 2022
This year’s Security Bootcamp contest had different registration rules from before and was not limited to teams from enterprises and banks but instead was open also to participants from universities throughout the country. The ISITDTU team from Duy Tan University had a chance to compete with professional teams from national leaders in information security, like Viettel, VNPT, HPT Vietnam, and Vietcombank. It was a golden opportunity for DTU’s ISITDTU team to obtain a lot of useful specialized knowledge and skills.
Tru?ng d?i h?c duy nh?t d?t gi?i ? Security Bootcamp 2022
This year, the Security Bootcamp 2022 contest had, besides contest prizes provided by the organizers, an actual battle competition, which was the highlight of the contest and gave the teams a new challenge. The Bootcamp allowed the competing teams to show their abilities and skills by finding weaknesses and holes in the system and by investigating traces after the system was compromised.
After many hours of intense competition between the thirteen teams, the organizers awarded prizes to the most outstanding ones:
first prize to VNPT-VCI from VNPT Corp. with 5,150 points,
second prize to the Viettel team,
- third prize to ISITDTU from DTU (the only student team) with the same number of points as the second-prize winners (4,750 points).
“The challenge posed by the organizers of the Security Bootcamp 2022 contest was practical and of present relevance,” student member of DTU’s ISITDTU team Dau Hoang Tai explained after the contest, “as it built on the many recent information security situations. The participating team members could therefore learn a lot of pentest skills and how to analyze and find traces of hackers who attacked the system. This year’s contest was really useful for us to learn a lot of novel specialized knowledge and it’s an opportunity to acquire real-life knowledge and experience.”
Taking part in big information security contests and competing with professional and highly experienced teams from big businesses, the ISITDTU team was determined to compete really well and to keep their spirit of exchange and learning to improve themselves at the Security Bootcamp 2022.
Tru?ng d?i h?c duy nh?t d?t gi?i ? Security Bootcamp 2022
MSc Nguyen Kim Tuan, Dean of the Faculty of Communications & Computer Network Engineering of the DTU School of Computer Science
“The prizes DTU’s ISITDTU team won in this contest and in many other contests through the years is testament to the quality of training in Information Security and in other IT majors at the university,” MSc Nguyen Kim Tuan, Dean of the Faculty of Communications & Computer Network Engineering of the DTU School of Computer Science, explains. “Besides providing students with solid specialized knowledge, DTU focuses on honing their skills and experience through domestic and international contests. Therefore, taking part in contests is a way for DTU students to acquire real-life experience and to explore other strengths of theirs.”
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