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DTU Students Win Food Safety & Security Second Prize

With their research “Influence of harvesting time on nutritional composition of Oriental mustard sprouts”, a group of DTU students hopes to make a small contribution to solving Vietnam’s food issues during international integration.
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân giành gi?i Nhì v? an toàn th?c ph?m và an ninh luong th?c
The group of DTU students were awarded second prize at the conference
For its high practical significance, the research received a second prize at the countrywide 2022 “Food Safety & Security” conference 
A lot of useful research for Vietnam’s food safety
The sixth “Food Safety & Security” scientific conference was organized by the Center for Young Science & Technology Development in collaboration with the Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry and with support from the Ho Chi
Minh City Department of Science & Technology, the Agency for Southern Affairs of the Ministry of Science & Technology, and the Vingroup Innovation Foundation (VinIF).
More than 70 research reports by 154 individual researchers and research groups from 32 institutions were submitted for the conference, showing the immense interest from scientists, researchers, lecturers, and students at research universities, colleges, institutes, centers, and agencies throughout the country.
Prizes for outstanding research
In the final round, there were four prizes for food science. Among the prize-winners is the report “Influence of harvesting time on nutritional composition of Oriental mustard sprouts” by Truong Viet Hoai, Danh Thi Quynh Tram, Nguyen Hoang, and Nguyen Chi Toan, students of Food Industry at the Faculty of Environmental & Natural Sciences of the DTU School of Engineering & Technology, under the guidance of Prof. Nguyen Ngoc Hieu.
Oriental mustard sprouts are highly nutritious and loved by many consumers. However, neither producers nor users know exactly at which harvesting time the nutritional value of the sprouts is highest and when the loss of healthy biological compounds is lowest. The group’s research results fully answer both these questions, which is why the report won a high prize at the conference.
“The project required modern equipment and specific chemicals,” MSc Nguyen Ngoc Hieu explains the implementation of the research. “In spite of this, it all went smoothly, thanks to the university leadership consistently giving DTU lecturers and students the best conditions for studies and research. The students of Food Industry at the school furthermore grasp and absorb problems very quickly and they are highly passionate about experimental research in service of real life.”
On her joy at receiving the second prize in the finals, Quynh Tram says, “Through our participation in the contest, we could try our skills in a large-scale competition and learn a lot from the research experience of lecturers from different universities. The valuable opinions and contributions from the jury helped us perfect our research. The projects competing this year were all good, had novel ideas, and had high feasibility for real-life application. The presentations of the competing projects were also very impressive. We therefore feel very happy to have received the second prize in the finals. In the future, we’ll develop this research and we’ll continue challenging ourselves in many other contests.”
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