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DTU Employee Named Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador in the Central Region

With a score of 895/990 points, Ms Dinh Thi Anh Duong, working at DTU’s Media Center, was awarded the title of Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador of July 2022 in the Central Region on August 30.
Cán b? ÐH Duy Tân du?c trao danh hi?u 'Ð?i s? TOEIC Vi?t Nam' khu v?c mi?n Trung
Ms. Anh Duong (on the right) is awarded a Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador certificate
The title of “Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador” in Central Vietnam has been implemented by IIG Vietnam since March 2021. Based on TOEIC results and IIG’s evaluation criteria, IIG Vietnam selects only one student and one employee living in Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnam to appoint them Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador.     
IIG Vietnam is a leading organization in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar in testing and educational quality accreditation. With an operation network established throughout Vietnam, IIG Vietnam increasingly affirms its leading position in administering international standardized English tests, including the TOEIC tests and the TOEFL family of assessment, and providing tailor-made English and IT training solutions for businesses, institutions, and educational management bodies.
Ms. Anh Duong says: “I was surprised and honored when IIG Vietnam announced they’d award me the “Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador” title in Central Vietnam. I think that this title will be a motivation for me to keep practicing my English skills and hopefully I will be able to achieve a higher TOEIC score in the future.”
At DTU, foreign languages is an important skill besides computer skills and other “soft” skills that the university always encourages its lecturers, staff, and students to practice.
Ms. Anh Duong says: “DTU has applied many policies to encourage lecturers and staff to improve our English skills and gives us financial support. For me, I improved many skills for the TOEIC test including reading, listening, allocating time to do the tests, and processing information in English.”    
When being asked about her secret to get a high score for the TOEIC test, Ms. Anh Duong says: “I remember I once read a sentence saying, “When your heart shines, your will becomes clearer”, which means when you find your purpose, you will find the best way to achieve it.
Ms. Duong is cheerful in her daily life
“I think that students and others about to take the TOEIC exam need to determine the importance of the TOEIC test to their studies and careers. If they have high scores on the TOEIC they can graduate on time, and get promotion at work. If so they will try hard to overcome challenges to get best TOEIC score. The TOEIC test has a reading and listening test. There are 100 questions for the reading test and the same with the listening test. In the reading test, the duration takes 75 minutes. Meanwhile, the listening test takes 45 minutes, so you need to practice much to acquaint yourself with the format of the test and should concentrate during the exam to get the best result.”
Content and Format of the TOEIC Tests have undergone some changes in recent years to keep up with the development trends how English is used nowadays. For example:
- Native speakers usually connect or link words together.
- Test takers have to answer questions without using complete sentences with subject and predicate.
- Nowadays they often send messages to colleagues and friends via online chat applications…
Therefore, during the exam, candidates must be good at comprehensive listening and reading. Consequently, they must study hard and try not to be distracted during the exam to get good results.   
At the July 2022 TOEIC Ambassador appointment ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Head of Project Development for IIG, Central Branch, said: “English is an indispensable tool for young people. The TOEIC test is designed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States of America and is administrated by IIG Vietnam. The TOEIC test scores can be used to identify qualified employees who can interact and communicate effectively on an international level. The fact that Ms. Duong is awarded the title of Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador shows that DTU lecturers, staff, and students are excellent at foreign language and the working environment at DTU is professional and internationalized.  
Hopefully, after receiving the title of Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador of July 2022 in the central region, Ms. Anh Duong will continue to enhance her English proficiency to be able to do her job even better.”
Previously, some DTU students were also honored with the title of “Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador”, as follows: 
-Nguyen Duong Khanh Nhi (PSU-standard Tourism and Hotel Management at the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute) was named Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador of January 2022 with 930/990,
-Tra Quoc Thinh (Tourism and Hotel Management) was named Vietnam TOEIC Ambassador of February 2021 with 905/900 points.
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