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Thailand Fashion Week Opening Collection Contains Design by DTU Student

Designer Le Tran Dac Ngoc and the S Designer House fashion brand represented Vietnam International Fashion Tour and provided the opening collection for Thailand Fashion Week 2022 on June 30 in Bangkok (Thailand).
B? suu t?p m? màn ThaiLand Fashion Week có thi?t k? c?a sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân
Young designer Phuong Linh (pink shirt in middle)
Collection by Vietnamese designer opens fashion week
Le Tran Dac Ngoc did part of the design of the opening collection for the prestigious fashion show following the invitation of the Thailand Fashion Week president. This is one of the biggest fashion events in the “golden temple country”, with thousands of fashionistas from Thailand and a lot of other countries all over the world.
Vietnamese designer Le Tran Dac Ngoc has been invited for a lot of other famous fashion events, such as Malaysia Fashion Week 2018, House of iKons Fashion Week London 2019, Saint-Petersburg Kids Fashion Day, Vie Fashion Week 2019 (Dubai), Bangkok International Kids Fashion Show 2010, Luxury Brand Global Fashion Week (South Korea), etc. This is why his reappearance at Thailand Fashion Week 2022 was highly awaited by many fans.
In order to give young people with a passion for fashion design an opportunity, Dac Ngoc worked, for this appearance, with 16 young designers on the Thailand Fashion Week 2022 opening collection. Among these, there were students from universities all over the country: the University of Arts & Design, Duy Tan University (DTU), the London College for Design, National Economics University, Hanoi Architectural University, Hanoi Open University, etc.
B? suu t?p m? màn ThaiLand Fashion Week có thi?t k? c?a sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân
The 16 child models and 16 designers who worked on the collection “Sounds of Vietnamese and Colors of Five Continents”
The Thailand Fashion Week opening collection carries the name “Sounds of Vietnamese and Colors of Five Continents”. It is a blend of traditional national elements and a contemporary breath, of the cultures of Vietnam and of countries on all five continents. The collection has a distinctive design philosophy, profound fashion story, and transmits a humanist message. “Sounds of Vietnamese and Colors of Five Continents” counts 
? eight modern-style ao dai designs inspired by traditional music forms like trance singing, southern chamber music, modern folk opera, antiphonal folk music, and water puppetry,
? eight evening gowns designed on inspiration from cultures from all five continents: Vietnam, Thailand, the US, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, France, and Spain.
Young talented designer from cradle of DTU
One of the 16 young designers who realized the “Sounds of Vietnamese and Colors of Five Continents” collection opening Thailand Fashion Week, Nguyen Phuong Linh designed the Brazilian evening gown.
“I was very surprised and honored when I was selected to take part in the design of the opening collection of Thailand Fashion Week, an international fashion show,” young designer Phuong Linh explains. “This is a golden opportunity for me to show my abilities, get experience, learn design methods, exchange, network with students with a passion for design and famous designers, and get up to date on new fashion trends.
“Before I took part in the Thailand Fashion Week design, I had the opportunity to work with designer Dac Ngoc and S Designer House, and to become one of the first ones in the project ‘one hundred young and talented fashion designers’. I learned a lot from the experience of incredibly talented Vietnamese designers and enjoyed a huge lot of support for my studies in fashion design.”
Phuong Linh is one of the three students of the Faculty of Architecture & Applied Art of the DTU School of Engineering & Technology selected for the ‘one hundred young and talented fashion designers’ project realized by designer Dac Ngoc with the wish to find and nurture young designers, kindle their creativity, provide colorful designs, contribute to the development of Vietnamese fashion, and bring impressions of national traditions to an international audience.
B? suu t?p m? màn ThaiLand Fashion Week có thi?t k? c?a sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân
Young designer Phuong Linh’s design for the Brazilian evening gown
For her Brazilian evening gown in the “Sounds of Vietnamese and Colors of Five Continents” collection, young designer Phuong Linh took inspiration for shape and colors from the Brazilian flag. “My knowledge of fashion drawing and design principles acquired in the DTU classrooms was the foundation on which I built my ideas and realized my drawing. It took me about a week, with the support and guidance of designer Dac Ngoc and the S Designer House team for the completion of the design.”
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