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DTU Female Student Wins “Well-Rounded” Prize at 2022 Architecture Festival

The 2022 Architecture Festival, which took place from April 20th to 24th  at the Mien Trung University of Civil Engineering in Phu Yen province, drew the attendance of up to 600 lecturers and students from 24 universities in Vietnam. One of many DTU students participating in the festival, Vo Thi Nho won the “well-rounded” prize and the quick design B third prize.   
Vo Thi Nho loves drawing
Already when in junior high school, Vo Thi Nho was interested in Fine Arts subjects. After studying hours, she always spent her free time drawing pictures. For Vo Thi Nho, drawing was not just a hobby but also her life. Day by day, her love for drawing grew bigger and bigger. When she was in senior high school, she saw an article on a social network by accident, titled “What is your dream?” with a picture of a beautiful house attached. Since then, Vo Thi Nho has had a desire to become a talented architect in the future.        
N? sinh ÐH Duy Tân cùng gi?i Toàn nang t?i Festival Ki?n trúc 2022
Vo Thi Nho participates in the 2022 Architecture Festival
However, it is not easy to make dreams and passions come true. Vo Thi Nho says: “I feel that becoming a student in Architecture at DTU is my destiny. However, I had difficulties using design software and coming up with ideas, and I lacked negotiation skills when I just started studying at university. After a short time, under the instruction of the lecturers, I have gradually become more skilled in analyzing and providing solutions, making architectural shapes, using software, and debating to defend my solutions. I also had opportunities to acquire knowledge, improve my skills and get experience by participating in many competitions such as the Danang Check-in model design contest, the 2019 Sand Sculpture Contest on the Beach, and lately the 2022 Architecture Festival.”
A desire to win Architecture awards
The 2022 Architecture Festival has left Vo Thi Nho, who is studying Architecture at DTU, with a memorable memory. With the topic “Ayaru-Phu Yen cultural journey”, Vo Thi Nho and the other DTU students experienced plenty of practical activities and tough challenges through competitive sections at the Architecture Festival. Finally, she and her friends won the “well-rounded” prize and the quick design B third prize.
N? sinh ÐH Duy Tân cùng gi?i Toàn nang t?i Festival Ki?n trúc 2022
Vo Thi Nho (the 5th from left, in the back row) and her team are awarded the “well-rounded” prize
Talking about her idea for her work, titled “Vitality”, in the quick design B section, Vo Thi Nho said: “After the organizing committee announced the topic “Tuy Hoa city - Landscape design for pedestrian routes for Tuy Hoa city”, we discussed ideas. It is known that the area around Nhan mountain is being eroded. In order to solve this problem, we came up with the idea of making a crack around Nhan mountain in Bach Dang street. In order to avoid limiting visibility, the crack will be lowered deeply into the ground. Bach Dang street is divided into 3 sections, including (1) crack, (2) rediscovery, and (3) Cham culture, to lead pedestrians from the time-forgotten vestiges and rediscover the Ayaru heritage. Fortunately, our work won the third prize.”     
N? sinh ÐH Duy Tân cùng gi?i Toàn nang t?i Festival Ki?n trúc 2022
With “Vitality”, Vo Thi Nho wins the quick design B third prize
In order to pursue Architecture, it is necessary to be creative and aesthetic. Vo Thi Nho does not only study hard, but she also tries to stay enthusiastic and progressive in competitions to gain knowledge and experience for her future career.
She says: “Thanks to the support of lecturers and seniors, I could be confident enough to participate in the Architecture Festival. Fortunately, I won the highest award. And I gained more experience from other students, lecturers, and architects.”     
In the 2022 enrollment season, DTU offers a 30% reduction of tuition fees for the entire course for successful applicants to architecture minors.
For more information, see http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn
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