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DTU Student Wins ‘Student Leader’ Contest

Tran Dac Dien, a student of Medical Practitioner and chairperson of the DTU class K24YDK3 Union branch, outstandingly won the finals of the Danang citywide “Student Leader” contest.
In order to get there, Tran Dac Dien needed to best 1,274 contestants in university-level and city rounds to obtain the “golden ticket” for the finals of the Danang citywide “Student Leader” contest. With the dynamism and enthusiasm of youth and his intelligence and creativity, Dac Dien convinced the jury with his “5tot.vn” project, an innovation with great effect in solving the issue of improving Union and student movement work in the lead-up to the 4th Danang Congress of the Vietnam Student Association.
Besides the first prize for Tran Dac Dien from DTU, the organizers awarded
? the second prize to Pham Dac Nin, vice chairperson of the Student Association from the Danang University of Science & Technology,
? third prizes to Le Khanh Huyen, SV5 club president from the Danang Architecture University, and Ngo Duc Quoc Khanh, Student Advisory Team leader from the Danang University of Science & Technology,
? a consolation prize to Nguyen Thi Bich Luan, SV5 club board member from the Danang Architecture University.
“5tot.vn” project and excellent amateur stage magician
After the university-level contest round from April 25 to June 12, 2022, twelve outstanding contestants were selected for the city-level final round. The two parts of the citywide contest were:
? “Identifying Leadership”,
? “Leader’s Journey”.
The jury selected the five most outstanding contestants for the “Student Leader” finals held in the afternoon of July 2, 2022. In the final round, the contestants went through two parts:
? presenting solutions to improve Union and student movement work,
? talent competition.
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân d?ng nh?t H?i thi ‘Th? linh Sinh viên’
Tran Dac Dien from DTU (center, top row) outstandingly won first prize
In this round, Dac Dien proposed to improve Union and student movement work through the “5tot.vn” project: an app based off the 5tot.vn website compatible with all desktop and mobile platforms. With its easy and memorable domain name and a lot of functionality - criteria, contests & programs about Students of Five Merits, forum & webinars about Students of Five Merits, news & articles about Students of Five Merits, Student of Five Merits groups, chat box, support channel, business connections, bringing the Student of Five Merits community together… - the project surpassed its competitors thanks to:
a simple app with varied contents and formats,
- content synthesized in a way to make it easy to understand, access, and work with.
Furthermore, contents are regularly updated and accurate, administration of the app is straightforward, it is cost-effective, and it offers a completely new approach to the movement, compatible with the current Technology 4.0 times.
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân d?ng nh?t H?i thi ‘Th? linh Sinh viên’
“5tot.vn” user interface at the final round of the competition
Besides presenting his solution, Dac Dien also showed off his random skill of stage magic in the talent competition. Although preparing his props was difficult and he was under serious time pressure, he nevertheless did his best to be completely trained. He performed two tricks:
- “spiritual connection”,
- “prophet of cards”.
“For the talent competition, I thought many nights about what and how I should perform,” Dac Dien explains. “But when I decided to perform magic tricks, luck smiled on me and I could show all my aspiration and the spirit I brought to the competition: ‘The truth is always the truth, no matter how many different forms it goes through.’ Most of my magic tricks don’t require a high level of skill, but the impression I leave is deep. As the performance requires interaction between performer and audience, the chance of success doesn’t depend only on me, but also on who is present and watching. Based on my staidness, passion, and attention to detail when performing, my tricks were a big success and the audience appreciated them a lot, both for their effect and for the talent.”
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân d?ng nh?t H?i thi ‘Th? linh Sinh viên’
Dac Dien impressed in both contest parts of the final round
“Flagship” in both movement and studies
Besides being a pioneer in Union and Association activities and putting his role as class K24YDK3 Union branch chairperson to good us, Dac Dien does his utmost best to learn knowledge and hone his skills. With his passion for research and bottomless creativity, he set down many achievements:
- national “Student of Five Merits” in 2021,
2021 VSIC Social Innovation Challenge champion,
top 6 in Seed For Change contest,
- consolation prize for 2021 “Reading Culture Ambassador” contest,
- national certificate of merit for active participation in volunteer activities for the community of the Medical Volunteer Club in 2020,
article published in the specialized journal Diabetes and Endocrinology, volume 49, in 2021,
participation in the international student conference “Road to Creativepreneur: Youth Start-up Innovation Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic” in 2021,
Shining in the “Student Leader” contest finals will be an important stepping stone for Dac Dien on his journey to realizing his dream of becoming a skilled and devoted physician. “What I thought most of and kept me most occupied during the ‘Student Leader’ contest was how to allow students to tap their spirit for pioneering, mutual assistance, and adaptation as well as their innovation, creativity, and integration to become a worthy member of the digital era,” he gives his thoughts after winning the first prize. “That’s why I chose my personal motto to be: ‘Youthful spirit, pioneering in all fields, supporting in every way, adapting to each case.’
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân d?ng nh?t H?i thi ‘Th? linh Sinh viên’
Trac Dac Dien (left) with prof. Huynh Le Thai Bao (Forbes Under 30 of Vietnam 2022)
“Furthermore, I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks to prof. Huynh Le Thai Bao, who went out of his way to help me for this and many other contests. Ever since I learnt I’d been selected for the finals, I’ve enjoyed his devoted support in the realization of my project - there have been nights the two of us stayed up until one or two in the morning. The success of the ‘5tot.vn’ project is in part thanks to the ready resources from the ‘Online Medicine Ecosystem’ project, where prof. Bao presides over the network and heads the project, and where I’m one of the key elements in this ecosystem that possesses a very extensive database (app, web, YouTube, Facebook, webinars) and considerable human resources (three hundred people throughout the country). He was even willing to support me with financial and technical difficulties to turn the app into the handheld and usable model it’s now become.”
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