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DTU Researchers Ranked on the 2022 list of the World’s Most Influential Scientists

Vietnamese researchers included on the list of the world’s 100,000 most influential scientists were evaluated by several indicators, including their total number of citations. The rankings were compiled by a group of researchers led by Professor John P. A. Ioannidis from Stanford University, using data from Scopus. 
The Elsevier Publishing House listed the number of scientists in the top 100 group, in the top 10,000 and top 100,000, those who authored the most cited scientific articles out of a total of the 200,409 researchers in the database. 158 of those are working at Vietnamese universities, and 35 are Vietnamese citizens, an increase of 6 compared with 2021. Among the top 10,000 leading scientists in the world, Vietnam has two: Associate Professor Le Hoang Son and Professor Nguyen Dinh Duc, both from Vietnam National University in Hanoi. They have been on the list since 2019. 
Nhi?u nhà khoa h?c c?a ÐH Duy Tân n?m trong s? 35 ngu?i Vi?t vào Top nhà khoa h?c ?nh hu?ng nh?t th? gi?i 2023
Professor Nguyen Dinh Duc, one the most outstanding scientists worldwide, for many years
Several Vietnamese scientists have come up the rankings since 2021, including  Associate Professor Tran Xuan Bach (from Hanoi Medical University, ranked 12,132 in 2022 and 19,881 in 2021), Mr. Tran Nguyen Hai (from Duy Tan University, ranked 13,713 in 2022 and 14,704 in 2023, Mr. Hoang Duc Nhat (Duy Tan University, ranked 15,072 in 2022 and 23,301 in 2021), Mr. Hoang Anh Tuan (from HCMC University of Technology, ranked 17,415 in 2022 and 32,938 in 2021), and Mr. Pham Thai Binh (from HCMC University of Transport, ranked 47,240 in 2022 and 21,558 in 2021). 
Nhi?u nhà khoa h?c c?a ÐH Duy Tân n?m trong s? 35 ngu?i Vi?t vào Top nhà khoa h?c ?nh hu?ng nh?t th? gi?i 2023
Professor Tran Xuan Bach
This year, Vietnamese scientists listed for the first time included Professor. Dr. Tran Quang Trung (from Vietnam National University HCMC, ranked 47,614), Dr. Dao Van Duong (from Phenikaa, ranked 61,452), and Dr. Chu Dinh Toi (from the International School of Vietnam National University, in Hanoi, ranked 66,906). 
An expert in new materials, Dr. Dao Van Duong used to be one of the top 5 Vietnamese scientists in 2019 and was also in the top 100,000 researchers counting scientific citations and metrics from the Scopus database in 2019. 
Nhi?u nhà khoa h?c c?a ÐH Duy Tân n?m trong s? 35 ngu?i Vi?t vào Top nhà khoa h?c ?nh hu?ng nh?t th? gi?i 2023
Dr. Dao Van Duong (first on the left) instructs students at Phenikaa University
The only female Vietnamese scientist in this list is 34-year-old Le Thai Ha, from Fulbright University Vietnam, ranked 49,666, an increase of more than 24,000 places compared to 2021 (ranked 74,063). She is one of two women to enter the top 10 list of Vietnamese economists whose articles have been published in international journals according and ranked by RePEc. 
Several foreign scientists working at Vietnamese universities such as DTU, Ton Duc Thang University, VinUni University, and RMIT University are also included on the lists, as well as Vietnamese scientists working abroad, including Professor Dam Thanh Son (USA, ranked 6,010), Professor Bui Quoc Tinh (Japan, ranked 15,396), Professor Ngoc Duc Tuan (Australia, ranked 10,825), and Professor Duong Quang Trung (from Queen’s University Belfast, in the United Kingdom, ranked 76,600). 
The ranking criteria are based on indicators of influence in the scientific community, including the total number of citations, the Hirsch h-index, the Schreiber hm-index, the citations of single authors, lead authors, and a composite index. Scientists are subdivided into 22 main fields of study, and 176 sub-fields (disciplines/specialties). The data shows their influence throughout their career and over the past one year. 
The list of 35 Vietnamese scientists and their rankings:
1. Le Hoang Son, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (# 5,816)
2. Nguyen Dinh Duc, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (# 7,454)
3. Nguyen Xuan Hung, HCMC University of Technology (# 10,221)
4. Huynh Luu Duc Toan, University of Economics HCMC (# 11,474)
5. Tran Xuan Bach, Hanoi Medical University (# 12,132)
6. Tran Nguyen Hai, DTU (# 13,713)
7. Hoang Duc Nhat, DTU (# 15,072)
8. Hoang Anh Tuan, HCMC University of Technology (# 17,415)
9. Vo Xuan Vinh, University of Economics HCMC (# 17,819)
10. Vu Quang Bach, Ton Duc Thang University (# 30,160)
11. Nguyen Hoang, University of Mining and Geology (# 37,366)
12. Pham Van Hung, Vietnam National University, HCMC (# 40,746)
13. Thai Hoang Chien, Ton Duc Thang University (# 41,090)
14. Pham Thai Binh, HCMC University of Transport (# 47,240)
15. Tran Quang Trung, Vietnam National University (# 47,614)
16. Le Thai Ha, Fullbright University, Vietnam (ranked 49,666)
17. Nguyen Thoi Trung, Ton Duc Thang University (# 50,785)
18. Nguyen Trung Thang, Ton Duc Thang University (# 60,773)
19. Vuong Quan Hoang, Phenikaa University (# 61,452)
20. Dao Van Duong, Phenikaa University (# 61,711)
21. Le Hoang Phong, Phenikaa University (# 63,176)
22. Nguyen Minh Khai, HCMC University of Technology and Education (# 63,176)
23. Chu Dinh Toi, International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi (# 66,906)
24. Nguyen Truong Khang, Ton Duc Thang University (# 68,242)
25. Nguyen Van Huy, Binh Duong University 
26. Hoang Van Minh, the University of Public Health (# 69,143)
27. Nguyen Dang Nam, DTU (# 71,266)
28. Phung Van Phuc, HCMC University of Technology (# 73,688)
29. Nguyen Minh Tho, Ton Duc Thang University (# 76,119)
30. ham Viet Thanh, Ton Duc Thang University (# 80,632)
31. Nguyen Trung Kien, HCMC University of Technology and Education (# 83,815)
32. Duong Viet Thong, Thu Dau Mot University (# 84.909)
33. Vo Nguyen Dai Viet, Nguyen Tat Thanh University (# 93,438)
34. Pham Thai Binh, HCMC University of Transport (# 97,735)
35. Tran Tinh Hien, Oxford University (# 99,722)
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