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DTU Is Awarded Level 2 Educational Institution Accreditation

On November 11, Duy Tan University was awarded a 2021-2022 Emulation Flag and a five-year Level 2 Educational Institution Accreditation certificate by the Danang People’s Committee. 
Currently, DTU employs 1,222 staff, lecturers and others. Thirty percent of the lecturers hold PhDs or other academic titles, and the university offers PhD degrees in 10 disciplines, a Master’s degrees in 15, and Bachelor’s degrees in 47 majors, comprising 100 minors. DTU also offers 13 advanced and 10 talent programs, as well as On-Site Study-Abroad programs in partnership with universities in the US.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân, Ðà N?ng thu?c top 500 tru?ng d?i h?c t?t nh?t th? gi?i
DTU is awarded level 2 Educational Institution Accreditation
The University has received ABET accreditation for four majors: Technology & Engineering, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Management Information Systems, and Electrical Engineering. Two of these programs have met the UNWTO TedQual accreditation standards: International Hospitality Management, and International Restaurant Operations Management.
DTU has recently created seven new specialized schools: the School of Computer Science, the School of Technology & Engineering, the College of Medicine & Pharmacy, the Hospitality & Tourism Institute, the International School, and the School of Languages, Humanities, & Social Sciences.
Research is one of the university’s main strengths. Over the past 10 years, DTU has made significant investments and hired PhDs from prestigious universities worldwide. 761 projects have since been completed together with two Science & Technology journals, including one indexed by SCOPUS since 2021.
The results of five years of intensive research include: entering the top ten Vietnamese institutions with the highest number of international publications; implementing one project with state funding, 56 ministerial, 6 from protocols, and 7 with provincial funding. DTU owns 5 patents and 1 practical solution certificate. Of these, 13 are registered for protection abroad.
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