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DTU Karate Club Wins 27 Medals at Nghia Dung Tournament

On June 10 and 11, the DTU Karate Club successfully competed in the fourth Danang Nghia Dung Karate tournament, finishing in first place and winning 10 gold, 4 silver, and 13 bronze medals. The tournament is organized by the club for members with first dan certificates or higher.
Câu l?c b? Karatedo ÐH Duy Tân du?c 27 huy chuong t?i gi?i Nghia Dung
The DTU Karate Club wins first prize
Fifteen clubs and dojos participated in the tournament, with age categories 9-11, 12-14, 15-17 and over 17, competing for medals in men’s kata, women’s kata, mixed kata pairs, men’s kumite, women’s kumite, and mixed kumite pairs.
This season, the DTU Karate Club sent 32 athletes, covering most of the categories:
- 15 DTU students competed in the over-17 age category
- 17 competed in the under-17 age categories 
Nguyen Van Khai, a fourth-year DTU student of Embedded Systems and winner of two gold medals, in men’s over-18 team event, and individually in the over-18 70 kg to 75 kg category, explained, “One of the best things we benefit from is that we can train with driven, enthusiastic, expert coaches and fellow martial arts members and optimize our skills and mental and physical strength together.
In addition, the Youth Union and the DTU Board of Provosts support us in our training and competitive activities and I am overjoyed to win the tournament. Thanks go to our coaches and teammates for cheering us on and doing their best to achieve such impressive results in the name of the DTU karate team.”
Câu l?c b? Karatedo ÐH Duy Tân du?c 27 huy chuong t?i gi?i Nghia Dung
The club’s martial artists give all they have 
The DTU Karate Club was determined and concentrated and won in several categories to finish in first place overall. They proved their strength through their solidarity and individual efforts, ranging from the team leader to the youngest members. Cao Nguyen Sy Tien, a third-year Automotive Engineering Technology student was the team leader and won a silver medal in the men’s over-17 individual kata.
“This year’s tournament is quite large,” explained Sy Tien. “Almost all the clubs and dojos in Danang took part and we were able to gain some hands-on experience, improve our techniques and demonstrate our abilities and spirit in the arena. In preparation for the tournament, the DTU Karate Club drew up training plans very early on and held three months of advanced training before competing.”
Câu l?c b? Karatedo ÐH Duy Tân du?c 27 huy chuong t?i gi?i Nghia Dung
Full of joy for a successful competition season
Established in 2014, the DTU Karate Club has attracted a large number of students sharing a love of this exciting sport, including some very young members who train very hard every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night, under the guidance of head coach Tran Duong Tien, a DTU class K-20 alumnus, with a third dan from the Danang Karate Federation, a third dan from Nghia Dung Karate Vietnam, and one national third dan, assisted by the club president, Cao Nguyen Sy Tien, with a second dan from Nghia Dung Karate Vietnam.
“The DTU Karate Club is a favorite, not only among DTU students but also with many young people of Danang, especially those from 9 to 17 years old,” said head coach Tien.
“During training and tournaments, many members of the club, of all ages, show outstanding talent and improvement day by day. Many of them have been chosen to represent Danang at the Nghia Dung Karate world tournament, which is held every four years and will take place in Hue in July 2023. “During this summer break, we’re delighted to receive a large number of young children for training. We hope that their experience at the club will prove healthy and motivate their interest in martial arts.”
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