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Seminar on Trends and the Future of IC Design

On May 25, the DTU School of Engineering and Technology held a seminar entitled: “Trends and the Future of IC Design”, attended by Mr. Hoang Dinh Phuoc, Senior Manager at Skyworks Solutions. 
Mr. Hoang Dinh Phuoc 
Mr. Dinh Phuoc is an expert with 35 years of experience in IC design and presented an overview of the field of VLSI Physical Design, the challenges he faces and how he overcomes them. 
He summarized the latest trends, including adaptive and automation design techniques, the importance of using the latest technology and tools to optimize the VLSI design process and increase productivity. He also stressed the importance of acquiring the essential in-depth knowledge and soft skills in preparation for the most rewarding jobs in this field. 
Mr. Dinh Phuoc stated that the demand for IC designers will increase significantly in the Industry 4.0 era, including specialists in: Layout; Place & Route; Physical Verification; and Static Timing Analysis. He urged DTU students to explore the emerging technology trends now and pursue the best career opportunities. 
Nguyen Truong Huy, a K25 student of PNU Electrical Engineering: “Today's seminar was invaluable to Electrical & Electronics students. We learned more about Digital Design, VHDL Design, Electronic Circuits and IC design skills and are now even more motivated to plan our future careers.”
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