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Student with 29.75 Points Admitted to First Choice of Public Relations at DTU

Tang Thi Phuong, who comes from Krông Buk commune, Krông P?k, Ð?k L?k province, scored 29.75/30 points at the 2022 High School Graduation Exam and was admitted to her first choice of Public Relations at DTU. She obtained 9.5 points for History and 9.25 for Geography. 
N? sinh d?t 29,75/30 di?m trúng tuy?n nguy?n v?ng 1 vào ÐH Duy Tân nam 2022
Tang Thi Phuong
Passion for a new life 
With a sense of self-study, Tang Thi Phuong always strives to achieve the best results. On the date DTU announced the score for receiving applications for admission to undergraduate majors according to the admission method of the school’s 2022 high school graduation exam results, Phuong was on the top of the world to be the highest scoring candidate of group C admitted to DTU and got a full scholarship. 
Phuong shared with us some study tips to retain knowledge. She said: “Self-study and concentration have helped me achieve many goals for the academic year. I will take a break whenever I'm deadly tired. I don't force myself to study if I am tired. I have a passion for history, so I always listen to lectures attentively and take notes carefully. It is important to master the content of the lesson from the textbook thoroughly before looking for reference material.
For Geography, my teacher often asked his students to study the lesson before class. His practical questions made it easy for us to understand the lesson. In addition, I also practice reading Atlas, charts and improve my knowledge by doing a lot of multiple choice questions, which helps me retain knowledge for a longer time. As for literature, which is not my strength, I always take notes using mind maps. Fortunately, I was taught by dedicated literature teachers, so I have gradually become interested in this subject."
Foster dream to be Event Organizer   
Phuong is dynamic, creative, and loves challenges. These traits can help her pursue a successful career in public relations.  
N? sinh d?t 29,75/30 di?m trúng tuy?n nguy?n v?ng 1 vào ÐH Duy Tân nam 2022
Phuong (second row, right) and her classmates  
Phuong says: "It was very difficult for me to choose a career suiting my interests and characteristics. I sometimes did not know which major to enroll in to secure a good job after graduation. I spent a lot of time considering this. Honestly, it was really difficult for an 18-year-old girl like me to make such a milestone decision.
"Since my dream is to become an event organizer and I do want to study a quality training program at a well-known university under the instruction of dedicated lecturers, I have researched the PR major at DTU by asking many senior DTU students and visiting the university’s website.
“I found that I have suitable traits for a PR degree and job. Above all, because my family experiences financial difficulties, I searched for DTU scholarship programs for qualified applicants and took this as a goal to strive towards. So, I was very happy to receive a full scholarship for my course at DTU.
“It is my parents who give me a lot of motivation. They support and respect my choice of a school and encourage me to study hard to achieve my dream."
? Among the 500 best universities in the world and the 100 best universities in Asia according to the 2022 Times Higher Education (THE) ranking.
? 210th best university in Asia in 2022 and in the 801–1000 band in the world in 2023, according to QS Rankings.
? In the top 700 of universities internationally, according to Shanghai Ranking in 2021.
? Second university in Vietnam to obtain American ABET accreditation and the one with most ABET accreditations in Vietnam.
? First university in Vietnam to obtain UNWTO.TedQual accreditation for tourism.
? 577th best university worldwide, according to U.S. News & World Reports in 2022.
? Number one university of Vietnam (1140th worldwide) according to the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR).
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