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Studying IT at DTU with ABET Accredited Programs

With programs that were transferred from the US, DTU is realizing the professional dreams of many IT and computer science students.
H?c Công ngh? Thông tin ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i các Chuong trình d?t Ki?m d?nh ABET
Over ten years ago, DTU signed an agreement with Carnegie Mellon University to implement Advanced & High-Quality training programs
Training quality of ABET accredited programs
The following are tasked with IT training at DTU:
? the School of Computer Science (SCS) with traditional IT programs, and
? the International School (IS) with Advanced & High-Quality training programs (from collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), one of the four strongest universities in IT in the US).
The IT training programs currently offered by DTU are:
? Software Technology Engineering, with minors in Software Engineering, CMU-standard Software Engineering, and Game Design & Multimedia,
? Information Security, with minors in Network Engineering and CMU-standard Information Security,
? CMU-standard Management Information Systems,
? Computer Science,
? Data Science,
? Computer Networks & Data Communications.
With its prestige in IT training and its resolve to close the distance between university and businesses, DTU employs a variety of strategies to improve IT training quality.
One of them is ABET accreditation, the “gold standard” for technology & engineering education in the US. DTU has most ABET accredited programs in Vietnam.
Specifically, the following of DTU’s programs in IT received ABET accreditation:
? Software Engineering (in 2021),
? Network Engineering (in 2019), and
? Management Information Systems (in 2019).
H?c Công ngh? Thông tin ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i các Chuong trình d?t Ki?m d?nh ABET
DTU’s program in Software Engineering received the American ABET accreditation
These programs received accreditation at the highest level of six years, and almost all of them were built on collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, one of the four leading universities in IT in the US (according to U.S. News 2022). Many of the subjects in the programs are taught in English by lecturers from universities in the US or by foreign lecturers of the DTU International School.
Throughout their studies, students study using the CDIO method for technology & engineering. This method has been highly successful in developed countries worldwide and increases student interest and active studying, helps students grasp their knowledge more firmly both in breadth and in depth, and develops their soft skills. It makes DTU graduates in IT more confident when joining the labor market.
- receive course completion certificates awarded by Carnegie Mellon University through DTU’s over-14-year collaboration for the transfer of Advanced & High-Quality programs,
- are equipped with good foreign-language skills and vital soft skills like communication, team work, project management, time management, public speaking, and problem solving.
- The programs have the prestigious INTERNATIONAL ABET ACCREDITATION of global value.
H?c Công ngh? Thông tin ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i các Chuong trình d?t Ki?m d?nh ABET
DTU students of IT impress at both domestic and international competitions
The “collection” of prizes by DTU students of IT contains:
- CDIO Academy champions’ cup in 2016 in Finland and in 2017 in Canada,
- comprehensive prize at the “2018 Devfest Hackathon” contest, with the “Community Map” app,
champions at the 2018 Microsoft Imagine Cup Vietnam and People’s Choice award at the 2018 Microsoft Imagine Cup Asia–Pacific,
second prize in 2018 at the IdeaHunter contest for the country’s most skilled students and programmers with the “Facebook Fan Page Management” project,
the university’s white-hat ISITDTU hacker team has been the number one information security team in Vietnam for many years and was ranked 59th globally in the 2021 CTFTime ranking.
One of the top programs in Vietnam in the 2022 Times Higher Education ranking
Besides guaranteeing training quality at the level for international accreditation, many of DTU’s training programs have very high positions in the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking. In the overall ranking, DTU is among the 500 best universities of the world, while its computer science programs are in the 251–300 range globally.
H?c Công ngh? Thông tin ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i các Chuong trình d?t Ki?m d?nh ABET
Vietnamese universities in the THE ranking for computer science of 2022
In the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) of 2022 by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy (China), DTU is ranked quite high for computer science & engineering: in the 151–200 range of the world and number one of Vietnam.
H?c Công ngh? Thông tin ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i các Chuong trình d?t Ki?m d?nh ABET
DTU is in the 151–200 range for Computer Science & Engineering in the Shanghai Ranking of 2022
In the 2022 QS World University Rankings by subject, DTU is ranked in the global 501–550 range and third in Vietnam for computer science & information systems.
H?c Công ngh? Thông tin ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i các Chuong trình d?t Ki?m d?nh ABET
DTU is ranked in the global 501–550 range for computer science & information systems in the QS World University Rankings of 2022
Every single students finds employment in many IT minors
The 100% rate of graduates finding employment right away in many IT minors affirms DTU’s close relations with hundreds of software companies and corporations in Vietnam and abroad. This result can be considered objectively from the fact that a huge lot of businesses judge the university’s training quality highly, which shows in the work capacity of DTU students at many prestigious businesses and corporations.
H?c Công ngh? Thông tin ? ÐH Duy Tân v?i các Chuong trình d?t Ki?m d?nh ABET
DTU students of IT study with high-configuration computers
For many years, DTU has been signing agreements with a huge lot of prestigious businesses, such as IBM, Microsoft, LG, Viettel, Fsoft, BAP, MGM, CodeComplete, Enclave, LogiGear, Axon Active, DAC Tech, Sun*, VNPT-IT, TMA, KMS, Global SyberSoft, RikkeiSoft, Saigon Technology Solutions, Data House, and VnCERT.
For every business collaboration, the university’s staff and lecturers investigate each job position to match it to the skills of each student. During their internships, students can therefore optimally exploit their abilities, enjoy the recognition of the business, and are selected to become official employees upon or even before graduation.
DTU students of IT currently make up a community of good job positions at different businesses throughout the different regions of the country and even over the world. They work together and support each other to set down the best possible achievements.
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