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Hundreds of “High-Quality” Bachelors Graduate from HTi

We welcome the hundreds of newly graduated Bachelors - the main characters in the graduation ceremony of the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute (HTi) held on July 16th and 17th. It is an important milestone, marking the maturity in life and studies of the DTU students.
Hàng tram tân C? nhân “Ch?t lu?ng cao” T?t nghi?p t? Tru?ng Du l?ch
DTU Vice Provost and HTi Director Prof. Dr Lim Sang-taek speaking
Present at the graduation ceremony were DTU Vice - Provost and HTi Director Prof. Dr. Lim Sang-taek, DTU Vice - Provost Dr. Le Nguyen Tue Hang, HTi Deputy - Director Dr. Bui Kim Luan, HTi Deputy - Director Dr. Bui Le Anh Phuong, Training Department Deputy - Director MSc. Nguyen Dang Quang Huy, Student Affairs Office Deputy - Director MSc. Nguyen Van Thai, and the students with their parents.
According to the graduation decision, the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute granted and awarded degrees to this first batch of hundreds of graduates, who completed their undergraduate courses in regular training programs or in Advanced & High-Quality programs (joint programs from collaboration between DTU and Pennsylvania State University (PSU), US). This breaks down to: 353 graduates in Tourism & Hospitality Management, 103 in Tourism & Travel Management, 190 in PSU-standard Tourism & Hospitality Management, 8 in PSU-standard Tourism & Restaurant Operations Management, and 78 in PSU-standard Tourism & Travel Management.
GS.TS. Lim Sang Taek - Phó Hi?u tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân, Hi?u tru?ng Tru?ng Du l?ch
Prof. Dr Lim Sang-taek awarding Bachelor’s degrees
“Dear students,” DTU Vice - Provost and HTi Director Prof. Dr. Lim Sang-taek said in his welcome speech. “You’re about to put the first step on the journeys of your careers, so it’s completely normal for you to worry a lot and to not see things clearly. I hope that the knowledge and skills you acquired at the HTi will become the best equipment preparing you for a bright future. Things have gone back to normal and tourism is showing signs of considerable recovery; I hope your future careers will flourish. My last word is not to lose your beautiful smiles. You should smile, not because you’re happy, but because you always want to be happy.”
Having officially received her university degree, marking her maturity after her years studying at DTU, K24DLL7 student Nguyen Thi Kim Thao in Tourism & Travel Management expressed her thoughts: “Graduating from university is an incredibly important milestone; it marks a definite maturation for all us students. Therefore, today is for us a boundlessly meaningful day. Tomorrow, with our university degrees in hand, we’ll have to face a great lot of things in life; we don’t yet know how those days will be: difficulties, stumbling, and failure, or success? But I continue believing that the equipment of professional knowledge and life skills I absorbed in the DTU classrooms are a solid foundation and precious equipment that will help me keep my balance in the journey towards conquering my dreams. I’d like to use the occasion to send my thanks to our parents, who gave life to us and nurtured us until today. Starting tomorrow, we’ll have to become independent; our parents will no longer hold us in their arms. But we know that, even though life has its difficulties and deadlocks, even though we sometimes make mistakes, we have our homes to return to and our parents will always follow our progress, support us, and encourage us. We promise we won’t stop striving, won’t stop working hard to realize our dreams and to not betray the hope our parents and our lecturers put in us.”
Hàng tram tân C? nhân “Ch?t lu?ng cao” T?t nghi?p t? Tru?ng Du l?ch
Throwing the mortarboard ended the solemn ceremony
Today, the Bachelor’s degrees each of the students received are the reward for their efforts throughout the past years. A new road will open; a road of discipline, work, and pursuing career success is about to start.
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