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Graduating Engineers, Architects, and Bachelors in Advanced & International Programs Receive Degrees

In the afternoon of July 13, the DTU International School held the graduation ceremony for engineers, architects, and Bachelors in Advanced & International programs. During the ceremony itself, the company LG VS DCV Danang awarded seven scholarships with total worth of 210 million dong to fourth-year students of CMU-standard majors in IT who passed LG’s aptitude test rounds, in order to encourage them to strive for academic results as good as the ones obtained by the engineers, architects, and Bachelors receiving their degrees this year.
Mr Lee Jong-wook awarding scholarships to fourth-year students of CMU-standard majors in IT
The ceremony was attended by LG VS DCV Danang Director Mr Lee Jong-wook; Distinguished Teacher and Hero of Labor Le Cong Co, Chairman of the DTU Board of Trustees; the DTU Board of Provosts and leaders of different DTU offices and boards; the leadership and lecturers of the International School; and the newly graduating engineers, architects, and Bachelors in Advanced & International programs with their parents.
“Today is a special day, as it marks the end to four or five years of university- a journey that was not too long but also not too short,” International School Dean Dr Nguyen Duc Man said at the ceremony. “During this journey, you were equipped with solid knowledge and skills, had many interesting experiences, and worked very hard to overcome all difficulties - especially the ones during the two years of the pandemic, which greatly impacted your studies. Having overcome these difficulties and challenges to sit in this auditorium today waiting to receive your graduation degrees is nothing but your first success on the professional journey you chose. A preliminary survey from June 2022 shows that about 80% of the students of the International School find a job right upon graduation. This shows in a way your dynamism and ability to actively grasp suitable job opportunities. This is something to be very happy about. Besides offering knowledge and skill training, the International School - and the rest of DTU - are also strong in business collaboration, through which the university can provide you with a lot of additional attractive job opportunities. After today, you will start a new journey and the equipment you obtained in the DTU classrooms will be the solid foundation you’ll build many additional future successes on.”
Dr. Nguyen Duc Man awarding Bachelor’s degrees
DTU granted and awarded degrees to this first batch of 177 graduates, who completed their undergraduate courses in advanced & high-quality programs (from collaboration with and transfer from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pennsylvania State University (PSU), and California State University (CSU) in the US): CMU-standard Software Engineering (which received ABET accreditation in 2020), CMU-standard Management Information Systems (ABET 2018), CMU-standard Network Security, PSU-standard Business Administration, PSU-standard Accounting & Auditing, CSU-standard Construction, and CSU-standard Architecture.
Graduating engineers, architects, and Bachelors in Advanced & International Programs shone on their graduation day
“I’m very happy and honored to be invited for today’s ceremony,” Mr Lee Jong-wook said. “Our company LG has its main headquarters in South Korea, and since we opened a branch in Danang, we have paid a lot of attention to employee recruitment. Therefore, increasing collaboration with universities in Danang is one of the strategies allowing us to search for potential candidates. Currently, ten percent of the employees at our company are DTU students. Therefore, we’d like to use the opportunity to send our thanks to DTU, who always supports and helps us hire employees appropriate to our recruitment plans. I hope to be able to meet you again and to welcome the fresh graduates sitting here today to LG for work.”
The Advanced & International programs are one of the strengths of DTU’s training, attracting huge numbers of applicants with high grades for the national High School Graduation Exam year after year. Of note, the students of the programs have a very good English and can study completely in the language. For the engineers, architects, and Bachelors graduated from the Advanced & International programs, meeting the stringent requirements of the labor market both in Vietnam and abroad is testament to the university’s training quality.
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