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DTU Economics & Management Graduates Receive Degrees

On July 15, the DTU School of Economics held a solemn graduation ceremony for the 524 students of the first batch (of July 2022). The event is part of the series of 2021-2022 graduation ceremonies for PhDs, Masters, medical doctors, pharmacists, engineers, architects, and Bachelors at DTU.
Tân C? nhân kh?i Kinh t? - Qu?n tr? DTU nh?n B?ng T?t nghi?p
DTU economics & management graduates received their degrees
“The message the DTU Board of Provosts wants to send the students of the School of Economics at today’s ceremony can be captured in just two words: ‘change and adaptation’,” Dr Vo Thanh Hai said when speaking at the opening of the ceremony. “Because, when you started the specialized phase of your studies, the Covid-19 pandemic turned tense at a global scale, causing turmoil in all activities. Given the situation, DTU moved from traditional classes to online classes. Difficulties caused by unstable internet connections, limitations in the interactions with lecturers, obstacles in end-of-course exams. You, together with the university, did your best to overcome it all to enter the ‘new normal’ and complete your courses.
“Due to this ‘new normal’, the specialized knowledge the labor market needs will also be stricter after you leave university, requiring all employees to actively acquire soft skills in communication, foreign languages, and informatics. I therefore hope you’ll always maintain your loving trust absolute when starting your work, to overcome the difficulties you face and to change and adapt to life in a timely way to find success and get a better and more beautiful life.”
Tân C? nhân kh?i Kinh t? - Qu?n tr? DTU nh?n B?ng T?t nghi?p
Representatives of the DTU School of Economics awarded degrees to new graduates
“I guess it isn’t only me but all students of the DTU School of Economics that today we all feel excited and happy, but not without feeling restless and moved,” Hong Thi Ngoc Ha, freshly graduated in Marketing & Strategic Management, said at the ceremony. “Happy because, finally, our passions and efforts are rewarded; moved because we’re about to officially become DTU alumni to start in the ‘school of life’. At this important moment, I want to give my thanks to the lecturers of the DTU School of Economics, who were there for us throughout the last four years, and to our parents, who followed our progress, stimulated us, and supported our dreams.”
The success of the new graduates of the DTU School of Economics, marked today, could not have happened without their parents’ monitoring, support, and encouragement. The fresh bouquets, the proud glances, and the emotions of the new graduates’ families and parents in the auditorium will certainly leave those present for the ceremony strong memories.
“After our achievements, we don’t ever forget our indebtedness to our progenitors, our parents, and the lecturers, who stimulated us and were there for us - not only for material matters but also for psychological support - and made today possible,” Faculty of Business Administration Dean Dr Nguyen Huy Tuan said from the bottom of his heart. “We also note the efforts by the people staffing DTU’s different departments, faculties, and centers, who continuously strove to create the best possible environment to support you in your studies." 
“Today, you receive your degrees and take your leave of the classrooms to start a new journey, but rest assured that the Faculty and the university will continue following your progress, share information with you, and encourage you. Faculty and university keep their doors open for your return, to work to develop alongside the university or to continue studies at a higher level. Maintain the friendships, camaraderie, and good feelings for your teachers from your years of formation under the roof of DTU and be always responsible to the students coming after you like those coming before were to you.”
The graduation ceremony is an important milestone in every student’s life and opens a door to a new journey full of beautiful hope in the future.
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