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HA Group and Suganuma Recruit Students to Work in Japan

In 2021, DTU and HA Legal Medical Group signed a memorandum of understanding to support students to study and work in Japan. According to the program, HA Group will interview and choose students to work in HA Group’s hospitals after graduation.
T?p doàn HA và Suganuma Group Ph?ng v?n Tuy?n d?ng Sinh viên Làm vi?c t?i Nh?t B?n
A lot of Nursing students participated in the interview
Following the success of the first course for which 5 DTU students went to Japan, on May 24, HA Group and Suganuma Group conducted an interview and awarded certificates to students who are eligible to work in Japan. After being accepted, they will be fully sponsored to study the Japanese language and Nursing skills. It is expected that they will depart for Japan in March 2023.
 Ph?ng v?n Tuy?n d?ng Sinh viên
HA group and Suganuma Group representatives, and lecturers and students of the DTU Faculty of Nursing
Mr. Kurato Suganuma, Director of Suganuma Group, Mr. Ohta Yuki, Director of HA Group, Mr. Ohno Yutaka, HA Senior Manager and management staff of HA’s medical facilities, and MSc. Nguyen Dieu Hang, Deputy Dean of the DTU Faculty of Nursing attended.
9 students were awarded certificates and will continue improving their Japanese language skills for their upcoming journey to Japan.
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