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The DTU School of Foreign Languages & Social Humanities Provides Foreign Language and Legal Education

Standardized English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese
Internationalization is one of the five strategic goals of DTU in its development and integration, and recently the university has partnered internationally to bring in several foreign lecturers to teach and conduct research. For example, Professor Chun Kyung-Soo, Provost of the DTU School of Foreign Languages & Social Humanities is fluent in English, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and Korean and others include Mr. Corbett Tyler from America, Ms. Katie Ann Couse from Canada, Mr. Campana Rhea Balbero and Ms. Viernes Pamela from the Philippines, Ms. Cheng Hongxia from China, Professor Chun Kyung-soo and Ms. Kim Zaehi from Korea, and Ms. Emiko Kuwata and Mr. Murase Seiji from Japan.
English majors also benefit from excellent opportunities to communicate internationally in English because:  
- DTU is one of the five founding members of P2A (Passage to ASEAN) 
- DTU represents Vietnam in the Singapore Polytechnic Learning Express program
In 2022, in the age of global integration, DTU will offer a new minor in International Economic Relations (IER), which will provide even more career opportunities, in English, Japanese or HP. 
Mastering information
In the era of big data, the ability to access information that meets public demand is critical. DTU Multimedia Communications graduates are qualified to work in the fields of journalism and communications with confidence and developing companies provide many excellent career opportunities.
The DTU Press & Media Club, DTU JC Chance and the DTU Silver Swallows Studio (SSS) are all located on campus and are equipped with the latest film production facilities, including a film studio, an audio processing and recording studio and a VFX room, where Journalism and Communications students practice their skills. In 2019, the Silver Swallows Studio released its first documentary “The First Swallows”, featuring a Vietnam Air Force battle in 1965, which drew a large audience.
An in-depth knowledge of law
In Moot Courts in the classroom, students learn about the practical daily work of a lawyer and court procedures, and seminars and research activities with legal experts are held regularly. 
Impressive achievements 
DTU School of Foreign Languages & Social Humanities students have achieved the following:
- A People’s Choice Award at the K-pop Festival of the Korean Consulate General in Danang,
- Two second prizes at the “Speaking Korean to celebrate Hangul Day” contest,
- High scores in the international program at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas,  
- Tra Quoc Thinh became the Vietnamese TOEIC Ambassador in March 2021,
- Huynh Van Quy won a People’s Choice Award at the virtual Logo20 Art Design exhibition
- Vo Hoai Nam won a consolation prize in “The Story of Plastic Waste” contest 
- Le Van Thang won the third prize in the 2018 Eureka contest 
 - The Law Captain team won second prize in the “2021 Students’ Creativity and Intellectual Property Rights” competition 
- The Sebutinde team won the “Best First Timer Award” in the 2020 FDI Moot Vietnam National round     
DTU is the choice of high-scoring HSGE students in the C and D subject categories
In 2021, DTU received an ever-increasing number of applications from high-scoring HSGE students, and many chose to enroll in the DTU School of Foreign Languages & Humanities:
- Ly Thi Men, with the highest score of 29.75, chose to study Business Law (HP) 
- Nguyen Thi Hien, with 27.5, studies International Relations (HP)
- Phan Ha Nhi, with 27.05, studies Multimedia Communications
- Nguyen Thi Ha Vi, with 26.5, studies Korean for Translation and Interpretation
- Le Thi Kim Khang, with 26.25, studies English for Translation and Interpretation
- Nguyen Ha Thao Tien, with 26.2, studies Chinese for Translation and Interpretation.
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