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The DTU School of Engineering & Technology Holds the Second Science Conference

On April 16th, the DTU School of Engineering &Technology held its second Science Conference to promote research activities at the university. These conferences will enable attendees to become more professional in their research projects, allow them to exchange their experiences and present their findings.
Fifteen research papers of high practicality were selected for presentation at this year’s conference.The conference was comprised of two subcommittees:
- Electronic & Electrical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
- Civil Engineering - Architecture and Environmental Science.
H?i ngh? Sinh viên Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c - Tru?ng Công ngh? l?n II
Associate Professor. Dr. Ha Dac Binh, Rector of the DTU School of Engineering and Technology
Associate Professor Dr. Ha Dac Binh, Rector of the School of Engineering & Technology, expressed his recognition of the efforts students had made during the pandemic to overcome their difficulties when studying online to complete the projects they had been assigned. Also, he expressed his appreciation of the very devotion of DTU lecturers of Electrical Engineering - Architecture - Construction and Environmental Science to orienting and guiding students with their projects.  
The conference was attended by a great many students with a lot of projects. The students gave concise and succinct presentations of their projects, which were followed by lively discussion and constructive opinions from the session chair people.
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Attendees pose for a picture
In the field of Electrical Engineering, the projects were mainly about issues like: Water quality monitoring, Building fire alarm and firefighting, Renewable energy system in the streets, Smart parking. 
In the field of Construction and Architecture, the papers were about issues like Concrete bearing structure, and Compression structure of unburnt bricks. Of note, there were 3 new applications: Application of typography to resume design, Application of pop art to home interior design, and Application of color to make narrow houses seem wider.
In the field of Environment - Food Technology, the research papers were on the current issues related to food safety and new products such as: Assesment of several food hygiene standards of herbal medicines, Research on the processes for the manufacture of whole milk powder with cereals, and so on. 
H?i ngh? Sinh viên Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c - Tru?ng Công ngh? l?n II
The organizers award First prize to team representatives - Dang Thi Hoang Duyen  (K23CTP),
Dang Thi quynh Tram (K23CTP), Tran Thi Thuy Trang (K23CTP) and Nguyen Chi Toan (K25CSH)
Students with best research papers were awarded prizes and certificates by the board of organizers. 
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