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The Adventure of a DTU Architecture student

It can be said that the last year at high school was the turning point in Nguyen Anh Tai’s life. At the time, Tai was like other students, hesitant to decide which university he should choose to study at. Anh Tai chose to study agriculture and forestry.
Ch?ng du?ng ‘phiêu luu’ c?a chàng sinh viên ki?n trúc ? ÐH Duy Tân
Nguyen Anh Tai, an exemplary student majoring in Architecture at DTU
Decision to change major just one month before the entrance exam  
Tai has loved drawing since he was a child, but he just considered it a hobby and never thought that he could study a major related to it. However, on the encouragement of his sister, Tai decided to change his decision.
Tai registered to study drawing just one month before the entrance exam.  Thanks to his talent and resolve, Tai passed the entrance exam for architecture at a prestigious public university in Danang. But then he decided to change his decision again after searching for information and realizing that the Architecture program at DTU suited him.
He also felt quite worried about changing his decision and applying to a different university in just a short time. Many friends said that it was risky for Tai to do that. However, to Tai, it is very important to realize his interests and talents, and once he knows himself, he is not afraid to change.
Impressive achievements
Tai has excellent academic records. When participating in competitions, Tai won many prizes with many impressive works, as follows:  
- First prizes both for individuals and for groups in Art Drawing Contest at the 2020 National Architecture Student Festival
- Consolation prize in the Quick Design Contest at the 2018 National Architecture Student Festival
- Business Choice Award at the “2021 Online Student Talent” Contest with his work “Boundaries”
- Top 10 at the “2021 Online Student Talent” Contest with his work “Hope for a Sunny Day”
Nguyen Anh Tai says: “During my participation in competitions, I have acquired more professional knowledge, learned teamwork skills and developed other soft skills. I also made friends with very talented people. In April, I will participate in the 2022 National Architecture Student Festival in Phu Yen. Hopefully, the competition will go smoothly and I will try my best to win high prizes.”
Ch?ng du?ng ‘phiêu luu’ c?a chàng sinh viên ki?n trúc ? ÐH Duy Tân
Nguyen Anh Tai (third from left) receives a prize at the 2020 National Architecture Student Festival
Tai happily says: “The dynamic environment at DTU helps me be more active in studying and participating in activities. I feel very comfortable when studying at DTU. For me, architecture projects related to houses, clubs, factories, or hotels are my favorites. In fact, I also had difficulties doing projects, but I always try to find ways to solve the problems. With my effort, I often got such high scores for projects that I forgot all of those difficulties. To release stress from studying, I often spend time sketching and playing the guitar.”
Ch?ng du?ng ‘phiêu luu’ c?a chàng sinh viên ki?n trúc ? ÐH Duy Tân
The work “Danang Youth Aspiration” won the first prize for groups (picture above)
and “Bach Dang, a sunny day” won the first prize for individuals.
Tai also participates in activities of the Youth Union and the Faculty. During his first years at the university, Tai was in charge of youth work as a secretary of the Faculty of Architecture. In his final years, Tai resigned from the secretary position to concentrate on studying professional subjects, but he still participates in the movements and activities of the Union and the Faculty.  
Tai’s plans for the future
Currently, Tai is a fourth-year student majoring in Architecture at DTU. During the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic, architecture students like Tai had difficulties to study and defend their graduation projects online. However, Tai and his friends gradually got used to it and even got interested in it. 
Tai cheerful laughs and says: “We could even save the money for printing”    
About his future job, Tai says: “Currently, my biggest and nearest goal is to participate in the Loa Thanh Award, a prestigious prize honoring the best architecture and construction students with excellent graduation projects.   I will try my best to study and acquire more knowledge to come up with practical ideas that will be useful in life. In the future, I want to continue to study Architecture more deeply to find my own career path.”
In the 2022 enrollment season, DTU offers a 30% reduction of tuition fees for the entire course for successful applicants to architecture minors.
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