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“Step up To the New Normal” GameTalk

On April 2nd, the DTU School of Computer Science and Gear Inc held a GameTalk entitled “Step up To the New Normal” to broaden internship and career opportunities for senior students. 
Sinh viên Tru?ng Khoa h?c Máy tính v?i GameTalk “Step Up To The New Normal”
Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Gia Nhu, Dean of DTU School of Computer Science 
Attendees included Associate Prof. Nguyen Gia Nhu, Rector of DTU School of Computer Science; Dr. Vo Nhan Van, Dean of Information Technology Faculty; experts from Gear Inc and a large number of DTU students. 
The Vietnamese game & e-sports industry is strongly developing, gradually turning into a common marketing channel. In 2000, e-sports started their global spread from Asia. In 2017, the International Olympic Committee officially recognized e-sports as a sport. In 2018, the Olympic Council of Asia decided to officially include e-sports in competitions. 
PGS. TS. Nguy?n Gia Nhu - Hi?u tru?ng Tru?ng Khoa h?c Máy tính
Gear Inc. experts share information on how to write an impressive CV 
In Vietnam, the founding of the Vietnam Recreational & Electronic Sport Association in 2009 shows society’s openness to e-sports. In 2010, the first paid professional teams appeared.
Sinh viên Tru?ng Khoa h?c Máy tính v?i GameTalk “Step Up To The New Normal”
Gear Inc. introduced the students to the work environment at the company and the process of producing and operating a mobile game. This gave them a better understanding of internships and work at a company. The experts gave specific information on the production of each game and wholeheartedly gave detailed answers to concerns voiced by the students.
GameTalk provided knowledge, skills, career orientation, and a lot of information on job and startup opportunities for DTU students. GameTalk furthermore shared information on how to adapt to a new work environment and how to create and modify a CV to make it more attractive to recruiters, which will make the students more confident when finding emplyment. 
Gear Inc. is a global software specialist with the main focus on Game Development, Quality Assurance, and Image & Content Moderation.
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