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DTU Major in Food Technology with Employment Guarantee

There have always been job opportunities for applicants choosing for Food Technology at DTU the last several years.
Ngành Công ngh? Th?c ph?m v?i d?m b?o có vi?c làm ? ÐH Duy Tân
Students of Food Technology at DTU engage in research…
Vietnam no longer limited to exporting agricultural products and unprocessed foods
According to the Import-Export Department (Ministry of Industry & Trade), citing data from the US International Trade Commission, the International Trade Center (ITC), and the Federal Customs Service of Russia, in the first nine months of 2021:
? US imports of Vietnamese vegetables and fruits reached 171.9 million USD, up 49.9% over the same period in 2020;
? Germany, in addition to processed vegetables and fruits, imported Vietnamese cashew nuts with a value of $201.21 million; the cashew nut turnover market share in total imports to Germany increased to 62.46%;
? Russian coffee imports from Vietnam reached 116 million USD, up 4% in value over the same period in 2020.
Vietnam is currently the main coffee provider to Russia by quantity, while in terms of turnover Vietnamese coffee in Russia comes second (133 million USD in the first nine months of the year) after Brazil. Vietnam is furthermore Germany’s number one cashew nut provider thanks to stable production and quality guarantees. In addition, Vietnam is the 11th biggest provider of processed fruit and vegetables to the US.
Previously, Vietnam was a leader in the export of unprocessed agricultural produce, while production of processed foods was not efficient. But now, with the application of science & technology to agriculture and the promotion of the development of the food processing industry, Vietnam increased its production of post-processed food, ensuring product quality and making it the products of choice for people all over the world.
Besides fruit and vegetables, other Vietnamese products, like spirits, beers, soft drinks, processed milk, dairy products, vegetable oil, processed flour, and starches, are expanding to meet domestic and export demand.
Quality curriculum for long-term career
Therefore, studying for a Bachelor in Food Technology is currently a good choice, especially with the increasing demand for clean, safe, high-quality, and esthetically pleasing food.
At DTU, the program for the major in Food Technology was created with integration of new research directions of DTU’s highly capable chemistry and biology researchers, aimed at international publications and patents. This allows students of the major to come up with new and creative ideas of high applicability.
Already in the first years, students can meet groups working in food startups under the immediate guidance by lecturers of the Faculty of Environmental & Natural Sciences.
The subject of Food Development is taught through the CDIO model, using creative projects to improve students’ understanding and let them improve existing products or create new products to diversify local agricultural products and foods.
Ngành Công ngh? Th?c ph?m v?i d?m b?o có vi?c làm ? ÐH Duy Tân
… in DTU’s modern laboratories
As the major is atypical, students of Food Technology at DTU always enjoy favorable conditions to do internships at food businesses with many years of collaboration with the university, like the PVL Danang beer factory, the Acecook factory, or the Dong Giang che factory, or at the many food factories or food research & development centers in the city or in other provinces which the faculty or the university have collaborations with,  such as the Dong Phuong aquaculture factory, the Fococev tapioca starch factory, the sugar factory in Quang Ngai, or the National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department branch 2, where last-year students can do internships and analyze the physicochemical and microbiological criteria in food quality control.
Almost every single student of Food Technology at DTU therefore finds employment upon graduation. Their jobs are quite diverse, including:
? specific specialized jobs at food production and processing enterprises (processing meat, milk, fish, coffee, che, canned foods, etc.) or food-related research institutes and companies;
? highly qualified technicians in processing, preserving, and improving the quality of food for the domestic market and for export; consultants on community nutrition, regulated clinical nutrition, and food safety & hygiene at nutrition centers, health centers and preventive medicine centers.
Expanding and attractive job opportunities in packaging
DTU also created opportunities allowing students of Food Technology to get acquainted with packaging, a field that is currently developing and is foreseen to continue doing so in the future, already during their studies. Industrial packaging is intimately related to marketing and export of commodities, food, consumer goods, and many other types of consumer commodities.
The Vietnamese packaging sector grows in average from 15% to 20% per year. There are currently over 900 packaging factories, and 70% of them are concentrated in the south of the country. The market can be separated into four main types: plastic packaging, carton & paper packaging, metal packaging, and other types of packaging.
The potential provides students of the major in Food Technology at DTU with the possibility of branch out if they desire a different and interesting career orientation more related to “creating markets” right after graduation or after having worked in production and processing.
The curriculum includes subjects teaching in-depth knowledge of packaging technology and design, to provide an overview of both quality and aesthetics of food packaging. Staff at the Quality Accreditation Center and the Department of Food Hygiene & Safety and quality control staff at factories also regularly visit to give lectures, to provide students of the university with practical knowledge of the current situation of quality control, packaging, and design in the market.
Quality food products from the hands of DTU students
Practicing in DTU’s specialized laboratories, such as those of the Faculty of Environmental & Natural Sciences, those for fundamental science research, or those of the Centers for Molecular Biology and for Advanced Chemistry, students of DTU’s major in Food Technology have created many valuable products.
Ngành Công ngh? Th?c ph?m v?i d?m b?o có vi?c làm ? ÐH Duy Tân
… and create quality products
These include:
? “period pain relief Cheery Lady tea”, which won a consolation prize and ended sixth at the “Post-Harvest Technology” Contest in 2021 organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union,
? coffee jam, which ended in the top 20 of post-harvest technologies out of 160, organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union in 2021,
? tea from Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans,
? bottled ginseng juice line,
? extraction of edible coatings from polysaccharides present in algae.
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