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DTU Enrolls for Architecture in 2022

The DTU Faculty of Architecture & Applied Arts builds on academic achievements and contributes daring designs by DTU students of Architecture to society.
ÐH Duy Tân tuy?n sinh các ngành Ki?n trúc nam 2022
DTU signed an agreement with CSU for Advanced and High-Quality programs in architecture & construction engineering
US-standard High-Quality programs as framework for architecture

The main factor determining the quality of a university is its curriculums. Besides, to help students meet global standards in their skills, an ecosystem supporting acquisition of hard and soft skills is necessary. The first thing DTU aimed for when creating its major in Architecture was therefore a training program meeting international standards.

DTU worked with California State University (CSU) Fullerton, one of the leading public universities in construction engineering on the US West Coast, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, one of the five best universities in architecture in the US, to create the first Advanced and High-Quality programs in architecture & construction engineering in Central Vietnam. This allows students to directly study a program meeting US quality standards.
The architecture majors students can pursue at the university are:
- Architecture with minors: Construction Architecture, CSU-standard Construction Architecture,
- Interior Design.
The Faculty of Architecture & Applied Arts furthermore offers training for two more majors attracting large numbers of students: Graphic Design and Fashion Design. 
Students of the DTU Faculty of Architecture & Applied Arts are trained with two pedagogic models: Project Based Learning (PBL) and Project Design (PD). These training models are applied at a lot of prestigious universities around the world and help students acquire knowledge and form skills to develop their creativity and to solve practical issues.
Specialized training software and new technologies
Sophisticated, liberal, romantic, artistic elements play a significant role in the creation of beautiful, unique, and novel designs showing the architect’s audacity and even personality.
These creative urges, according to the traditional approach, are usually limited by physical principles, technical elements in construction, and regulations concerning materials, execution, and the environment. Nowadays, they are supported by the remarkable advances in science and technology.
ÐH Duy Tân tuy?n sinh các ngành Ki?n trúc nam 2022
Studios and training rooms kindling the creativity of DTU students of architecture
Many big prizes and high employment ratio: levers for DTU Architecture students’ skills
Every year, over a hundred job vacancies are set aside specifically for DTU students of Architecture at design companies big and small and at private companies owned by many DTU alumni through specific offtake agreements, such as with Jibannet Asia (Japan), VACS (Japan), An Cuong corp. (Vietnam), VICO corp. (Vietnam), and CDC Design (Vietnam).
ÐH Duy Tân tuy?n sinh các ngành Ki?n trúc nam 2022
DTU students won many big prizes at the 2020 Architecture Festival
A lot of DTU students of Architecture do not just rely on the job offers coming their way through the university’s extensive business network. Many outstandingly find employment by themselves at dream positions when only in their third or fourth year. A great many skilled students have been noted during their studies:
- Pham Quang Luan: in his fourth year he became official employee at Lth.Design construction consultant LLC.
- Tran Cong Thu: currently director of Vietconstruction (VICO) construction design & investment consultant JSC.
- Pham Ngoc Hieu: founded a startup and became Nice World design consultancy & construction director.
Contests specifically for architecture students in Vietnam and abroad also pose no difficulties for DTU students. Dynamic and confident of their broad knowledge and high creativity, DTU students of Architecture left their marks at many competitions with big prizes:
- 14th IDEERS Asia–Pacific champions in the contest to design earthquake-resistant buildings in Taiwan,
- 15 national Loa Thanh prizes for most outstanding graduation projects in construction engineering & architecture.
- In particular, the first Loa Thanh prize of Danang in 2010 went to a project by Dang Xuan Nam, who also won the only national Loa Thanh first prize of 2010.
- Students won many big prizes at more than 70 Student Architecture Festivals, 7 Green Architecture prizes, and 10 Planning prizes.
Sudden inspiration with unique product
DTU students of Architecture always surprise the viewers with unique products.
ÐH Duy Tân tuy?n sinh các ngành Ki?n trúc nam 2022
Lively products renewing Danang (left) and tabletop drawings by Than Van Tan
Than Van Tan, a student at the DTU Faculty of Architecture & Applied Arts, made several eraser-pen drawings on classroom tables hunted aggressively by netizens. And then there are the mural paintings embellishing Danang, Hai Van pass, Son Tra peninsula, Linh Ung pagoda, Thuan Phuoc bridge, Dragon bridge, Han River park, Tran Thi Ly bridge, Asia Park,  by DTU students of Architecture, which transformed the old 233 Trung Nu Vuong alleyway.
ÐH Duy Tân tuy?n sinh các ngành Ki?n trúc nam 2022
DTU students made sketches showing their gratitude to their old school
In the 2022 enrollment season, DTU offers a 30% reduction of tuition fees for the entire course for successful applicants to Architecture minors.
For more information, see http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn
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