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How to Attract High Quality Human Resources in IT and Hospitality?

On May 27, Tuoitre Newspaper, the Danang Information and Communication Department and DTU will jointly hold a seminar entitled “Training and Use of high qualified IT and tourism human resources in Da Nang: Current status and solutions”. Attendees will include IT and Hospitality students from universities in Danang. 
Làm gì d? thu hút ngu?n nhân l?c công ngh? thông tin và du l?ch Ðà N?ng?
Hospitality training at DTU
IT is a major source of revenue for Danang, with total turnover in 2021 over 32.8 trillion VND, and 110 million USD in exports. Up-to-date infrastructure attracts many businesses seeking to invest. Similarly, the tourism & hospitality sector in the city provided many jobs before the pandemic. In practice, however, human resources in these sectors are still limited in number, specialization, skills, and foreign-language abilities. These do net yet meet requirements from businesses, significantly reducing the competitiveness of the IT sector of the city. Concerning tourism & hospitality, after the pandemic many hotels and resorts are lacking specialized workers.
The seminar is an opportunity for state agencies, human resource training institutes, employers and students in Da Nang to exchange, analyze and develop plans for the training and the recruiting of high-quality staff in information technology and tourism. Also, the seminar aims to develop an understanding of the current situation concerning high quality IT and Hospitality training to provide the Da Nang city government with fundamental solutions to develop a strategic human resources plan. 
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