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DTU Signs Collaboration Agreement with KMS Technology Vietnam

In order to strengthen the efficiency of cooperation with businesses in training and research and to solve the employment issue for its students, DTU formally signed a collaboration agreement with KMS Technology Vietnam LLC on May 7th.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân Ký k?t H?p tác cùng Công ty TNHH KMS Technology Vi?t Nam
KMS Technology Danang Director Mr Nguyen Van Hieu speaking at the signing ceremony
KMS Technology Vietnam LLC was represented by KMS Technology Danang Director Mr Nguyen Van Hieu, Technical Manager Mr Le Ngoc Phong, KMS Solutions Executive Director Mr Duy Le, and KMS Solutions COO Abhishek Nema; from DTU were present Vice - Provost Dr Nguyen Huu Phu, School of Computer Science Provost Assoc.Prof. Dr Nguyen Gia Nhu, International School Director Dr Nguyen Duc Man, Faculty of Computer Science Dean Dr Le Thanh Long, and a great many students of the School of Computer Science.
“The issues of collaboration, extending relations, and exchanging practical experience with universities are some of KMS’s perennial goals,” KMS Technology Danang Director Mr Nguyen Van Hieu said. “Above all, we fully understand the university’s need to search jobs for its students. In Saigon, our company has long had a close and strongly developing network of collaborations with many universities. Arriving in Danang, we are highly honored to sign an agreement with DTU, one of the biggest training institutions in Central Vietnam. This is very important milestone for KMS Technology Danang.”
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân Ký k?t H?p tác cùng Công ty TNHH KMS Technology Vi?t Nam
Representatives for DTU and KMS Technology Vietnam signing the agreement
After exchange and consensus on the clauses, DTU and KMS Technology Vietnam LLC proceeded to sign the agreement with the following content:
? professional and specialized knowledge exchange for students and lecturers to improve studying and training,
? taking part in practical training for students at the university and at the company at appropriate times,
? creating condition allowing students and lecturers to visit the company, do internships and work part-time,
? support through human resources or speakers introducing new technologies or topics related to student curriculums,
? regularly award scholarships to outstanding IT students at the Faculty of Computer Science,
? prioritizing students when recruiting for internship and job positions at the company.
The signing ceremony was followed by the KMS Technology Vietnam career orientation & recruitment event. Mr Nguyen Van Hieu gave a summary introduction of the formation, development strategy, and recruitment plans of the company. He furthermore spoke on appropriate job selection for DTU students.
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