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Agreements with Japanese Organizations and Businesses

In the morning of April 5, DTU signed agreements with the Japan Internship Support Association (JISA), the International Foundation of Educational and Medical Exchange (IFEME), and Sewing Box Co., Ltd. to send its students to Japan for internships and to learn about and find employment opportunities.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân Ký k?t H?p tác v?i các Hi?p h?i và Doanh nghi?p Nh?t B?n
DTU signed an agreement with the IFEME
“The turmoil brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic impacted activities in Vietnam and exchange activities between Vietnam and other countries in the world,” DTU Provost Dr Le Nguyen Bao said. “I hope that the pandemic will soon be brought under firm control to allow international exchange. With its over 25 thousand students, including at the Faculty of Japanese, DTU wishes send its students abroad for their studies, to improve their foreign language abilities and to learn about the culture of Japan, one of the economic motors of Asia.
“DTU is currently in the world top 500 according to the THE ranking and the university possesses the capacity to train students to meet the requirements from Japanese businesses. Sending students to Japan for internships increases their abilities, giving them access to the best employment opportunities. Today’s signing will tighten the relationships even more, for the singular goal of improving students’ qualifications. The university therefore wishes for a lot of support, so that its students can integrate rapidly when going to Japan.”
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân Ký k?t H?p tác v?i các Hi?p h?i và Doanh nghi?p Nh?t B?n
Signing agreement with the JISA
JISA Director Mr Tsukagoshi Kazuyoshi said, “Over more than ten years, our Association welcomed over a thousand foreign students for internships, including a great many from Vietnam. Besides supporting students to improve their professional knowledge, we are committed to creating a safe study and work environment for students, fulfilling their desire to do internships and work in the Land of Sakura.”
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân Ký k?t H?p tác v?i các Hi?p h?i và Doanh nghi?p Nh?t B?n
Signing agreement with Sewing Box Co., Ltd
IFEME Chairman Mr Okamura Sadahiko explained, “The situation concerning Covid-19 in Japan is gradually being brought under control. During the more than two years of fighting the pandemic, not only Vietnam but also Japan changed a lot. Japanese businesses need to put in more effort, and the IFEME from its side will actively support international students to come to Japan for internships to improve their professional knowledge. You can also return to Japan for work. We are implementing collaborations to develop medicine and tourism. In the future this will be four subfields: nursing, tourism, logistics, and high-tech agriculture. I hope that, with the signing of this agreement, the two partners will promote cultural exchange and the development of human resources in both our countries.”
At the signing ceremony, Sewing Box Co., Ltd. Director Mr Kurato Suganuma gave an introduction to the activities of his company and of how students can go to Japan for internships.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân Ký k?t H?p tác v?i các Hi?p h?i và Doanh nghi?p Nh?t B?n
Online signing ceremony
All these agreements focus on commitments to bring students to Japan for internships in a safe way and allow them to do internships in the field they are training for at DTU. According to the agreements, students will receive financial support fully covering visa fees, international airfare, accommodation, and essential living costs during their internship in Japan. Interning students will furthermore receive a subsistence allowance of 70 thousand yen per month for 12 months.
After completing their internships in Japan, students return to their studies at DTU and, upon graduation, enjoy recruitment priority at the Japanese companies, guaranteeing 100% employment at Japanese companies active in Japan or in Vietnam upon graduation.
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