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DTU Responds to the 2021 United Nations Climate Summit

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) opened in Glasgow in the UK on October 31 and was attended by 100 world leaders. The Conference reviewed the progress made on commitments made in the Paris Agreement to limit global warming by implementing measures to combat climate change. 
In response, an online ASEAN Student Exchange program entitled: “Work together to combat climate change” ran from October 6 to 17, enabling ASEAN students, including those from Duy Tan University, to speak up about climate change, using Tiktok.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân hu?ng d?n H?i ngh? Thu?ng d?nh v? Bi?n d?i Khí h?u c?a Liên hi?p Qu?c 2021
Let’s work together to keep Planet Earth green
Representing Duy Tan University, Phung Thi Hong Nga from the International School said: “The online ASEAN Student Exchange program allows us to express our concerns and take responsibility for urgent global issues, including climate change. We must act now to combat its impact.”
A video-clip about environmental protection produced by ASEAN students
A video-clip produced by ASEAN students sends a clear message about ways of protecting the environment and was sent to COP26 to show the dedicated support and commitment of ASEAN students working together to save the Earth.
The online program is one of many activities hosted by Duy Tan University as the Secretary of the ASEAN Journey (P2A) project and is one of a series that Duy Tan University has organized to maintain student involvement during the pandemic. 
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