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DTU and Hue University sign a Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement

On March 24, Duy Tan University and Hue University signed a comprehensive collaboration agreement. 
Ð?i h?c Hu? h?p tác toàn di?n v?i tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
The signing
According to the agreement, the two universities agree to:
- Collaborate in education, based on lecturer exchanges, the overseeing of PhD and Master theses, creating and sharing training programs, working towards mutual agreement on course credits and taking part in international training and student exchange programs.
- Collaborate in refining lecturer qualifications, professional and foreign-language skills and supporting each other in PhD education in several ways. Also in the certification of professional titles for DTU lecturers and organizing exams and certificates in the English language, in accordance with the Six-Level Competencies Framework of Vietnam and Europe (CEFR), for both DTU lecturers and students.
- Collaborate in science & technology projects by creating strong interschool research groups to contribute to education nationally, organizing national and international conferences and workshops, working together on international publications and sharing research infrastructures and resources.
- Collaborate on organizing innovative startup events and developing a common startup ecosystem.
Hue University and DTU hope that their comprehensive collaboration will contribute to the realization of their joint development strategy, to improve their academic standing, enhancing the standard of education and graduating high-quality resources to boost the socioeconomic development of Central Vietnam and elsewhere.
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