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DTU Signs Agreement with the AFA Audit & Appraisal Company

On November 19, DTU signed an agreement with the AFA Audit & Appraisal Company, to expand its business partnerships and improve educational, internship and career opportunities. AFA General Director, Mr. Pham Quang Trung, DTU Vice-Provost Dr. Nguyen Huu Phu, other representatives, lecturers and students from the DTU School of Economics attended.
Mr. Pham Quang Trung  
The AFA Audit & Appraisal Company is an independent auditing organization, based in Vietnam, providing a full range of value-added services, such as auditing, accounting, tax, finance & investment and management consulting, and training and recruitment support for business. The company’s motto is “Always with business” and it respects the principles of independence, objectivity, honesty and confidentiality. AFA is committed to provide its clients with a service of the highest quality and participate in the sustainable development of the Vietnamese economy, by helping customers and related parties to protect their legal rights and providing practical information and solutions for optimal management and corporate governance.
“In practice, AFA and DTU have already held a great many joint activities,” added Mr. Pham Quang Trung. “Today’s ceremony is intended to broaden our friendly partnership and expand our future activities. Actually, I’m a DTU Accounting & Auditing alumnus and Mr. Tran Duong Nghia, our Deputy-Director, is a DTU Master of Business Administration graduate. We both highly regard the standard of education here and are happy for those who have chosen to study here.”
DTU signs an agreement with the AFA Audit & Appraisal Company
DTU agreed to provide information on candidates meeting AFA’s recruitment requirements; send lecturers to teach specialized and skill enhancement courses at AFA; and allow for AFA to take part in its seminars, conferences and annual job fairs. AFA agreed to host field trips for lecturers and students, observation visits, internships and project practice. They agreed to work together to develop auditing assistant and practice accounting training courses to improve student awareness and professional skills, and to cooperate on extracurricular activities, career orientation, special student exchanges, recruitment information and part-time jobs opportunities. 
After the signing, AFA met with K26 students from the School of Economics to discuss “Working in accounting & auditing during the 4.0 technology revolution”, which will enable graduates to travel and work across unlimited geographical boundaries. AFA overviewed the basics of their field, job opportunities, remuneration and required Accounting & Auditing qualifications in the future, including the important certificates that student need to broaden their career opportunities, especially a CPA certificate and practical certificates in Accounting.
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