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DTU Offers STEM Training Course for Quang Ngai Informatics Teachers

On November 13, the DTU School of Technology and the Quang Ngai province Department of Education & Training held a STEM Training course for Informatics teachers from Quang Ngai province senior high schools, providing an opportunity for DTU lecturers to meet the high school teachers of Central Vietnam and the Highlands to meet and exchange their knowledge and experiences.
DTU staff talk about robot assembly and programming
STEM is an educational program which teaches science, technology, engineering and mathematics, using an interdisciplinary approach, in order to solve everyday problems. A STEM senior high school education program has many advantages, as students learn to improve and develop their problem-solving abilities and creative thinking.
“The Quang Ngai province Department of Education & Training has worked with DTU to plan a Science & Engineering contest and we highly appreciate the university’s support and research expertise,” said Mr. Dang Van Thanh, Secondary Education Specialist at the Quang Ngai Department of Education & Training. “We hope this STEM course will result in more joint activities to strengthen our relationship and help our Informatics teachers to learn more and use the latest technologies to increase their effectiveness.”
Senior high school teachers from Quang Ngai province visit DTU
The DTU participants also showed the Quang Ngai teachers how to create their own science notebooks, choose a topic, draw up research plans and write reports, how to conduct experiments, analyze data and devise posters.
The Quang Ngai teachers also learned about robot assembly and driver programming. The DTU staff carefully led them through every step of installation and verification, using Arduino IDE; programming the DC motor driver, using Arduino and an L298D module; and connecting and testing the HC-05 Bluetooth module and Arduino.
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