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Nursing Lab Equipment for Health Science Students

On December 28, some of the latest Nursing laboratory training equipment worth 600 million VND, donated by a Japanese partner, was put into operation, after much preparatory work. In recent years, several Japanese Health Science educational training and job programs have been implemented by the university.
Trang b? phòng th?c hành k? nang di?u du?ng cho sinh viên kh?i ngành s?c kh?e
The new DTU Nursing training laboratory   Photo: AN
In 2019, the university signed an agreement with the Japanese Glome Management Company to provide extra Nursing training and lecturers to DTU to implement a Japanese language program.
“It was agreed that Japan would provide us nursing equipment for our student internship training program,” said a DTU spokesperson. “The university would be responsible for facilities and implementation. The Japanese partner also agreed to award scholarships to thirty of the first-year students enrolled in this program.”
“This is vital step in our ongoing collaboration, opening up the possibility for DTU Nursing students to improve their qualifications and go to Japan for further training and work,” said a spokesperson from Glome. “This will then guarantee them a steady career caring for the health of the Japanese.”
Previously, DTU had also entered into a collaboration with EduGo, an international education organization, to receive overseas studies consultancy for Nursing jobs in Germany, offering a salary of 55 million VND per month while still studying.
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