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DTU Multimedia Communications Student Receives Prize at the “Story of Plastic Waste” Photo Contest

With his photo “A Hero in the Port”, Vo Hoai Nam, a DTU Multimedia Communications student, was awarded a consolation prize in the “The Story of Plastic Waste” photo contest, and received several good compliments from the jury and online community.        
Sinh viên ngành Truy?n thông Ða phuong ti?n DTU nh?n Gi?i thu?ng t?i Cu?c thi ?nh “Câu chuy?n Rác nh?a”
Vo Hoai Nam, a Multimedia Communications student
The photo contest was jointly organized by the United Nations Development program and Career & Life magazine, to increase awareness about the management of waste, especially plastics, so that individuals and companies can learn more about the negative effects of improper waste management on the environment and human-beings.
Hoai Nam has always been interested in environmental issues and quickly enrolled in the contest, hoping that he could personally contribute to positively protecting the environment. His photo was entitled: “A Hero in the Port”. 
Hoai Nam explained: “I wandered around, stopped at the Tho Quang port and saw many big fishing boats there on a vast expanse of water, completely surrounded by floating waste. Then I noticed an elderly man retrieving bottles and other plastic waste with a net. The temperature was almost 40 degrees but he was still working hard, so I decided to capture that beautiful moment. After chatting with him, I learned that he collected garbage every day to earn a living and to make the port cleaner. As a result, I named the photo after him. As far as I was concerned, he was a hero in the real world, trying to quietly protect the environment, with no recognition whatsoever for what he was doing.”                    
Sinh viên ngành Truy?n thông Ða phuong ti?n DTU nh?n Gi?i thu?ng t?i Cu?c thi ?nh “Câu chuy?n Rác nh?a”
“A Hero in the Port”
8,400 photos were submitted nationwide and the jury of expert professional photographers worked diligently to select the winners. Awards consisted of three A, three B, three C and five consolation prizes. Hoai Nam’s photo will be exhibited on social media to communicate the message of environmental protection and plastic waste reduction in our beautiful country.
Hoai Nam said: “I am extremely happy and proud to receive this prize because I know that it will convince everyone with the message: ‘Say NO to plastic waste and let’s protect the marine environment’. I am sure that the younger generation will gradually become more aware of the negative effects of plastic waste through my photos and others and live with the responsibility of promoting a brighter Vietnam in their communities”
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