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DTU Wins Second Prize in the 2021 Online National Schneider Go Green Contest

On March 19, teams from universities nationwide competed in the finals of the 2021 Online National Schneider Go Green competition. The DTU GLB team came second with a project entitled “An Energy Regenerating Backpack”.
Over the past 10 years, the Schneider Go Green contest has become a major event for engineering students worldwide, who sharpen their skills and push the boundaries of digital transformation in the field of energy management to the limit. 
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành gi?i Nhì Cu?c thi Schneider Go Green 2021
The DTU GLB team
Contestants can select one of the five following categories: 
- Access to Energy 
- Homes of the Future
- Plants of the Future
- Grids of the Future
- Decoding in the Future 
Students are able to demonstrate their creative thinking and contribute unique ideas to potential energy-oriented projects, the best of which will be mentored by Schneider Electric experts. The DTU GLB team’s "An Energy Regenerating Backpack" was recognized because of its high practicality.
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành gi?i Nhì Cu?c thi Schneider Go Green 2021
The DTU GLB team, DTU lecturers and students at the 2021 National Schneider Go Green contest
The energy regenerating backpack consists of an elastic cord, a sliding rail, a motor, a pulley, molded-plastic rails, an electrical system and a solar battery. It uses the movements of the wearer to generate electricity and goes steadily up and down on a sliding rail, causing the elastic cord to expand and contract, which rotates the turbine and generates enough electricity to charge a 16 Ah battery in 45 minutes, power six iPhone 6s’s or a 220 V 18 W light bulb for 9 hours 40 minutes, or power a 220 V 60 W ceiling fan for 2 hours 50 minutes. 
The device also incorporates an anti-shock component that reduces the fatigue of carrying the heavy backpack. 
Tran Anh Minh, a DTU Electrical Engineering student and GLB team member said: “Our target customers are travelers who carry a backpack and need to charge electronic devices. We hope that our invention will help protect the environment."
In 2018, DTU won the national “Go Green in The City” competition and then came second in the East Asian finals. 
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