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Top Vietnamese Universities in 2021, Ranked by Webometrics

Webometrics has just published their ranking of universities worldwide, showing several changes among Vietnam’s ten leading universities in 2021.
The Top 10 Vietnamese universities: 
1.    Vietnam National University Hanoi 
2.    Ton Duc Thang University
3.    Duy Tan University
4.    VNU University of Technology HCMC
5.    Hanoi University of Science & Technology 
6.    University of Danang 
7.    Hue University
8.    University of Industry HCMC
9.    Vietnam National University HCMC
10.  Hanoi University of Mining and Geology 
Vietnam National University in Hanoi rose 96 places since July 2020 to take the lead in Vietnam and become 1,000th worldwide. Ton Duc Thang University was up 512 places, second in Vietnam and 1,306th worldwide. Duy Tan University rose from ninth to third in Vietnam and 1,446th internationally and is the only private university listed.
Các Ð?i h?c c?a Vi?t Nam trên B?ng x?p h?ng Webometrics d?u nam 2021
The Top 10 Vietnamese universities in 2021
Only the Hanoi University of Science and Technology fell nationally and dropped 821 places globally. The Faculty of Natural Science at Vietnam National University in HCMC, moved up 67 places worldwide but fell from 8th to 9th in Vietnam. The other Vietnamese universities rose internationally, Hue University by 8, the University of Danang by 42 and the VNU University of Technology in HCMC by 128 places, maintaining their national rankings over 6 months.
Other private universities ranked by Webometrics are Nguyen Tat Thanh University, 38 and 6,386, FPT University, 47 and 8,129, UTECH University, 48 and 8,167, Van Lang University, 49 and 8,527, Hoa Sen University, 65 and 11,028, Lac Hong University, 84 and 12,873, Ba Ria-Vung Tau University, 87 and 13,149, and Hai Phong Private University, 88 and 13,324.
This year, two more universities were ranked in the top 10. Vietnam National University HCMC ranked 8 in Vietnam and 2,840 worldwide and the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology came 10 in Vietnam and 2,903 in the world. Two universities disappearing from the top 10 this year were Can Tho University and the University of Technology & Education in HCMC.
In 2021, Webometrics have changed their criteria, by removing the “Presence” ranking and increasing the “Excellence” weighting by 5% to 40% since July 2020.
For further information, see: https://www.webometrics.info/en/asia/vietnam
Các Ð?i h?c c?a Vi?t Nam trên B?ng x?p h?ng Webometrics d?u nam 2021
Các Ð?i h?c c?a Vi?t Nam trên B?ng x?p h?ng Webometrics d?u nam 2021
The Top 100 Vietnamese universities, ranked by Webometrics, in 2021 
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