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DTU Student Receives a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Achievements in Studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s Thinking

On December 25, a ceremony to celebrate the achievements of students studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morals and style took place at the Hanoi Opera House. Le Thi Thu Ngan, from DTU, was one of 130 exemplary students from all over the country to be honored with a Certificate of Merit from MoET and Le Ngoc Tan, a DTU Software Engineering student, was awarded a fourth prize.
Sinh viên Duy Tân nh?n B?ng khen vì có Thành tích Xu?t s?c trong H?c t?p và làm theo Tu tu?ng, Ð?o d?c H? Chí Minh
DTU students Le Thi Thu Ngan and Le Ngoc Tan
Student Le Thi Thu Ngan
Le Thi Thu Ngan, a dynamic and enthusiastic DTU student of Keuka Business Administration, takes part in many Union and Association activities. She excels academically and has significant research accomplishments and the highest DTU enrollment score in 2017, now followed with an average grade of 3.94 at DTU. She loves research and is always looking for creative startup ideas to contribute to solving special social issues, such as health and the environment. These include the “SMartbed” project, aimed at reducing viral hemorrhagic fevers and the timely detection of sudden death and sleep apnea, and the “Harvesting Electricity from Sewers” project, to reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation.
Sinh viên Duy Tân nh?n B?ng khen vì có Thành tích Xu?t s?c trong H?c t?p và làm theo Tu tu?ng, Ð?o d?c H? Chí Minh
Le Thi Thu Ngan
Two of Thu Ngan’s team projects won several prizes. Their “SMartbed” project ended in the top 50 of the “2019 Startup Idea” contest, organized by MoET, winning a second prize in the “Seeding Your Idea” contest, a second prize in the 2019 Danang “Creative Ideas & Startups” contest, and a city-level Scientific Research Certificate. Their “Harvesting Electricity from Sewers” project finished in the top 5 of the 2019 “Go Green in the City” contest, organized by Schneider Electric.
Le Thi Thu Ngan took part in several charitable activities, like the “Warm Highlands Winter”, “Spring Comes Back to Highlands”, “For Children with Cancer”, and “Clean for Son Tra” projects, at the S.O.K. Career Orientation Festival, in communications management for the Danang Free Tour-Hometown student club, and as interpreter for the 2019 Multi-Destination Exhibition and the 2019 Study in Australia exhibition, run by IDP Education (Vietnam).
“I’m delighted that all of my recent work has been widely recognized,” Thu Ngan said after receiving her Certificate of Merit. “I am motivated by my love of my field of interest, the technical skills required and the supporting activities. Most of all, with the guidance and mentorship of my lecturers, I will study even harder to improve my professional qualifications, broaden my thinking and become a worthy example for younger students.”
Student Le Ngoc Tan
The 2020 contest entitled “Young People Studying and Following Ho Chi Minh Thoughts, Morals and Style” was overseen by MoET and organized by the Central Propaganda Department and the HCM Communist Youth Union Central Committee, in conjunction with the Egroup Education Group and the Vietnam Education Publishing House.
This year, the contest focused on Chairman Ho Chi Minh’s teachings for the young; Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts for education in Vietnam; lessons on his thoughts and morals; the general content of his Testament; his works “Mass Mobilization” and “Revolutionary Morality, Down with Individualism”; Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts on Vietnam’s seas and islands; his ethical standards; achievements in the development and protection of the Fatherland under the leadership of the Party, especially in the 34 years of Doi Moi (1986 - 2020); and major policies of the 12th National Party Congress.
Sinh viên Duy Tân nh?n B?ng khen vì có Thành tích Xu?t s?c trong H?c t?p và làm theo Tu tu?ng, Ð?o d?c H? Chí Minh
Le Ngoc Tan wins fourth prize
Le Ngoc Tam is a second-year Information Technology student and spends his free time reading Ho Chi Minh’s essays, stories, memoirs, plays and poems, such as The Lamentations of Trung Trac, The Bamboo Dragon, Traveling Incognito, Telling Stories on the Road, the Proclamation of Independence and Nothing is More Precious Than Independence and Freedom. When they heard about the contest, Tan and his friends immediately started looking for question sets, study materials and past exams, in preparation”.
“While studying and cramming for the contest, I was reminded and encouraged to persevere, study harder and overcome all difficulties and challenges,” explained Le Ngoc Tan. “Ho Chi Minh’s extremely simple words and advice still retain their original value to us to this day and participating in the contest has helped me learn a lot about Ho Chi Minh’s example and given me a deeper insight into Vietnamese history, geography and maritime sovereignty.”
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