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Impressive DTU Achievements at the Danang Karate Cup

The DTU Karate Club achieved excellent results at the Danang Karate Cup, winning three gold, five silver and three bronze medals. The Danang Karate Cup is organized annually by the Danang Department of Culture and Sports to promote and develop local Karate activities, to enable enthusiasts to meet each other, gain experience and strengthen relationships between the various local clubs. Now, in its sixth year, contestants competed in 17 different sections, both Kata and Kumite, divided by age group and weight class.
Nh?ng thành tích ?n tu?ng c?a Ð?i h?c Duy Tân t?i gi?i 'Karate Ðà N?ng'
Vo Thanh Hung, from DTU, won a gold medal in Kumite for Men
The 12 participants competed in 11 of the 17 sections and, with their mastery of Karate techniques and competitive spirit, won a gold medal in Kata Men, +18 years, a gold medal in Kumite Men, +18 years 70 kg, a gold medal in Kumite Men,
+18 years 62 kg, two silver medals in Kumite Women, +18 years 60 kg and 50 kg, a silver medal in Kumite Men, +18 years 70 kg, two silver medals in Kumite Men and Kumite Women, +18 years, and three bronze medals in Kumite Men, +18 years 65 kg and 70 kg.
“The competition enables Karate enthusiasts to improve their spirit of learning, teamwork and self-discipline,” said Cao Nguyen Si Tien, a K26 Electrical Engineering student, who won a gold medal in Kata Men, +18 years. “This will encourage us to train even harder and to share our passion for Karate.”
Sy Tien added that the DTU Karate Club helped him expand his networking, make new friends and meet older students. The club also improved his communication and problem-solving skills and boosted his confidence. When it was founded in 2014, the club had only fifteen members, but now counts 550 active ones.
“Today’s achievements can be attributed to our continuing solidarity and effort,” said Phan Huy Cuong, the DTU Karate Club Chairman. “We also thank the Youth Union and the DTU Board of Provosts, who provide our training facilities, expenses and insurance. At home, we communicate with each other through a Fan Page with 1,000 members.”
 CLB Karate ÐH Duy Tân
The DTU Karate Club enters several major competitions
The DTU Karate Club slogan is: “Effort Builds Success”, and members understand that leading a successful life demands dedicated hard work. In all sports, especially Karate, winning a medal stems from many many hours of intense practice.
Training is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in the courtyard of the Quang Trung campus, by the head coach, Tran Duong Tien, a DTU K20 alumnus, a third class member of the Danang Karate Association and the Nghia Dung Karate-Do of Vietnam and third class nationally, assisted by Club Chairman, Phan Huy Cuong, a K24 student and first class member of the Nghia Dung Karate-Do of Vietnam.
 CLB Karate ÐH Duy Tân
The DTU Karate Club promotes solidarity and self-discipline
“Karate is a martial art with many complex techniques which requires diligence and passion,” explained Mr. Tien. “One of the most important things is to concentrate on improving movement techniques. Regular Karate is healthy and, furthermore, perfects self-defense skills.”
The DTU Karate Club also holds charitable events in the community to promote caring for each other. In 2018, fundraising enabled donations to the School for Disabled Children in Danang and to the Tr’Hy ward in the Tay Giang district of Quang Nam province. In 2019, more donations were made to the A Chua ward in the Tay Giang district of Quang Nam province and to the Quang Chau pagoda in Danang.
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