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DTU Lecturer Wins 2020 Danang Fine Arts Second Prize

The 2020 Danang Fine Arts exhibition took place from December 9 to 17 and attracted a large audience of local art lovers.
Under the guidance of the Danang Union of Literature & Arts Associations, the Danang Fine Arts Association worked with the Danang Fine Arts Museum to organize the exhibition, to encourage creativity, celebrate the works of painters and sculptors in Danang and help develop the fine arts movement in the city.
Gi?ng viên Ð?i h?c Duy Tân giành gi?i nhì M? thu?t Ðà N?ng 2020
Lecturer Nguyen Tien Viet (second from left)
The Association awarded three second prizes, two thirds and five consolation prizes, there were no firsts. One of the works was entitled Cozy Mountain Night by Mr. Nguyen Tien Viet, a DTU lecturer of Architecture & Fine Arts, who was awarded a second prize. Also on display were his Fate, which won a consolation prize and Thread of Memory
Gi?ng viên Ð?i h?c Duy Tân giành gi?i nhì M? thu?t Ðà N?ng 2020
Cozy Mountain Night (upper left) and Fate (upper right)
The 54 works were created utilizing a variety of materials and techniques by 42 artists, displaying a colorful assortment of Danang art over the past year. The exhibition revealed the special feelings in the artists’ inner worlds of rich ideas and topics, using creative lines, colors and broad brushstrokes. 
Mr. Viet’s contribution portrayed the Vietnamese peasants’ dear friend, the water buffalo, in the piercingly cold winter and was greatly appreciated by the jury. His work was an extremely skillful application of woodblock printing and the water buffalo, a recurring emotional nuance which is a continuing motif in Mr. Viet’s works. Also on display were One Fallen for Each Still Standing, Life and Fate.
“Watching the news, scenes of the harsh winter in the northern highlands touched a nerve,” explained Mr. Viet.  “In the freezing cold, the peasants still wrap their buffalos in some of their few blankets, leaving the viewer an inner warmth that almost dispels the icy weather. I hope that the audience can also feel my deep and sparkling happiness, and share in my personal emotions.”
Professor Viet’s Thread of Memory, shows a sewing machine, something that recalls the many emotions of the difficult Subsidy Period. This picture was also displayed at the 2020 Vietnam Fine Arts Exhibition at the Vietnam Culture & Arts Exhibition Centre in Hanoi on December 1, organized the Department of Fine Arts, Photography, & Exhibitions (under the Ministry of Culture, Sports, & Tourism) and the association.
In 2019, Professor Viet received a consolation prize at the 2019 Literature & Arts Awards for his reduction woodcut Fate, held by the National Committee of the Vietnam Union of Literature & Arts Association. 
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