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Ha My Duyen and Her Impressive Research Accomplishments

Ha My Duyen is a DTU Digital Design graduate and one of 20 outstanding women granted a "Typical Female Science & Technology Student” award by the Central Youth Union in 2020.
Ha My Duyen said: “I’m curious by nature. I ask questions about how things work. In electrical engineering, if you only inspect the exterior of a device, you will never know what’s inside or how it works, and that makes me wonder. When I find out, I’m satisfied and interested, but nobody else seems to be concerned with this.”
In 2017, Ha My Duyen won a JSC scholarship from Global SyberSoft Vietnam for her outstanding work and, although still an undergrad, has been concentrating on more projects since. 
N? sinh viên duy nh?t c?a l?p và b?ng vàng thành tích nghiên c?u khoa h?c dáng n?
Ha My Duyen receives a “Typical female science and technology student award”  
In 2018, one of Duyen’s projects, “A device warning of a lack of toilet paper”, was recognized for its originality. With her classmates, Duyen designed and assembled a sensor to be placed in the paper dispenser in public toilets. When there is no paper left, a sensor automatically remotely alerts the appropriate authority. The idea stems from personal experience, after Duyen and her friends ran out of paper themselves at public facilities.
Ha My Duyen said: “Instead of regular visits and onsite checks, our device will only alert staff remotely when necessary.” 
N? sinh viên duy nh?t c?a l?p và b?ng vàng thành tích nghiên c?u khoa h?c dáng n?
My Duyen, second from right 
In 2019, Ha My Duyen and her team won consolation prizes at student research contests at the ministry level and in Danang with the “Device warning of child sexual abuse”. The device has two sensors probing for signs of sexual abuse in public areas, created with four main components, the sensors, and power, control and warning systems. If the anything unusual is detected, an alarm will go off.
Ha My Duyen also won third prize in the city-level “Students and Research” contest, with her “Magic Glasses” project which allows drivers to read messages and missed calls on a screen, without using a telephone. Ha My Duyen had the idea when she heard about serious road accidents caused by phone users at the wheel. 
N? sinh viên duy nh?t c?a l?p và b?ng vàng thành tích nghiên c?u khoa h?c dáng n?
Ha My Duyen and her colleagues  
Ha My Duyen said: “The objective of research is to solve practical problems, not necessarily with the most exciting topics or goals, but simply to make life better and easier for humanity.”
Ha My Duyen also joined the Youth Union, where she makes new friends and shares her knowledge and skills. 
Her academic score averages 3.21, and 3.36 for her majors. “That motivates me to try even harder. I want to continue my research after graduation”, she added.
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