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Visiting the DTU Booth at the National Science and Technology Contest

On June 19 and 20, the Ministry of Education & Training and the Danang People’s Committee organized the 2019–2020 National Science and Technology Contest for high school students, held at the Nguyen Khuyen Junior & Senior High School. Danang colleges, universities and businesses presented their research products and the DTU booth attracted the attention of many teachers, students and parents.
Tham quan Gian hàng Trung bày c?a Ð?i h?c Duy Tân t?i Cu?c thi Khoa h?c K? thu?t c?p Qu?c gia
The DTU booth at the National Science and Technology contest
The National Science and Technology Contest for high school students has been held for 8 years now and was attended by 252 students from 67 schools with 137 projects, including 120 by seniors and 17 by juniors. Projects involved such topics as environmental issues, healthcare, dangerous diseases, young people with disabilities and positive community change, such as the prevention of school violence and the promotion of traffic safety.
Deputy-Minister of Education and Training, Mr. Nguyen Huu Do, said: “This year’s contest was attended by scientists from universities, colleges, institutes and foreign businesses, who judged the projects and decided which ones will be submitted from the provincial and city contests to the national finals. Prizes were awarded to the best projects and university admission offered to the best students. I hope, as a result, that we will all become more aware of the need to improve education quality, broaden opportunities and activities, promote innovative new teaching methods and assess our schools. We must encourage universities, research centers, companies and individuals to participate in senior high school education.”
The exposition booths were full of creative, attractive and impressive products from DTU, Danang University, Dong A University, the Polytechnic College and the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam. DTU lecturers and students presented eight smart research products, including the Master Robot, the NAO Robot, the Service Robot, VR glasses, the 3D Cham software, the AR/VR dental system, the DTU-VENT ventilator and eCPR, a cardiopulmonary resuscitation first aid training system.
Tham quan Gian hàng Trung bày c?a Ð?i h?c Duy Tân t?i Cu?c thi Khoa h?c K? thu?t c?p Qu?c gia
Visitors take a look at the eCPR
The Smart Service Robots assist new students, local and foreign visitors to locate classrooms, meeting rooms and conference rooms, in addition to explaining about DTU’s history and university departments. The Hand Washing Instruction Device shows how to follow the correct procedure prescribed by the Ministry of Health to prevent diseases. Attendees were able to try out the CPR, a cardiopulmonary resuscitation first aid training system which won the 2020 Sao Khue award. The eCPR helps improve the quality of medical education and is used in emergency situations, such as stroke, loss of circulation, drowning and cardiac or pulmonary arrest.
The contest demonstrated creative and practical products to enable students to gain a broader understanding of the DTU majors, in preparation for career planning. Through its commitment to improved education quality, research and international partnerships, DTU is becoming the best place for learning and building future careers.
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