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Live-streamed Talkshow: “Cultural Startup: Education, Integration, and Identity.”

On May 30th, a DTU Livestream Talkshow was broadcast entitled “Cultural Startup: Education, Integration, and Identity.”  Dr. Vu Hong Thuat, from the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology; Mr. Huynh Van Hung, Director of the Danang Department of Culture and Sports; Mr. Dinh Van Loc, Director of the Viet Da Travel company; Hero of Labour and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU Board Chairman and Dr. Hoang Thi Huong, Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences attended. 
Livestream Talkshow v?i ch? d? Kh?i nghi?p t? Van hóa: Giáo d?c, H?i nh?p và B?n s?c
Invitees at the live-streamed talkshow 
In times of global integration, numerous innovative startups have sprung up in various fields, such as eCommerce, Engineering, Medicine, Fashion and so on, but the trend is still comparatively new in Vietnam.  The value of startups in entrepreneurial nations around the globe is that they view traditional fields from a different perspective, leading to boosting the economies of those countries. Furthermore, the success of those startups depends on passion, creativity and continuous hard work. In an educational context, international partnerships and self-identity are also important contributors.
Dr. Vu Hong Thuat said: “There are two specific aspects of the Vietnamese culture, material and mental, and a better understanding of the culture helps to speed up sustainable development, while traditional culture still plays an important role in our economy and society in general.”  
As an academic leader, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, gave his point of view about the creation of a unique new Duy Tan culture to imbue the university with its own character during international integration: “When I created DTU, I believed that a people’s culture is its soul. Teachers must, first of all, teach their students to become better human beings. I always feel that, after several thousands of years of national development, the character of the Vietnamese people has become apparent in the Vietnamese culture. Recently however, as we integrate internationally, we must select the best partners to create a renewed identity for Vietnamese students, especially at DTU. Establishing this project, I felt we must create a Duy Tan cultural identity and educate students to love their country, and steadily integrate into international research built on modern, humanistic values.”
Livestream Talkshow v?i ch? d? Kh?i nghi?p t? Van hóa: Giáo d?c, H?i nh?p và B?n s?c
Hero of Labour and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co
Mr. Huynh Van Hung offered his opinion as a culture manager. “More than ever, the degradation of morality and integrity has become a serious problem, despite better living standards. Meanwhile, although good and evil are intertwined and inseparable, we must focus on both economic and cultural development or face unpredictable consequences. Since 2015, Danang has concentrated on developing our local economy and culture according to the motto: “Let’s build Danang into a beautiful, peaceful, civilized and livable city.”
Viewers asked questions about required qualifications for tourism workers; education requirements for Vietnamese Studies graduates to meet employers’ needs; DTU startups and so on. 
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