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DTU 2019 - 2020 Graduation Ceremony

On June 7, DTU held the 2019–2020 Graduation Ceremony for Masters, Architects, Engineers, Pharmacists and Academic Bachelors. The DTU Board of Provosts, Faculty Deans, Center and Office Managers, lecturers, new graduates, their families and friends attended.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân t? ch?c L? Trao b?ng T?t nghi?p nam 2020
DTU Provost, Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, awards student degrees
Over time, DTU has graduated 62,716 PhDs, postgraduates and graduates of all disciplines. This year, the university awarded degrees to 281 Masters from 5 disciplines and to 1,442 Bachelors, engineers, architects, and pharmacists from 32 disciplines. 69% of all students graduated, (up 4% from last year), ten of them were six months early and 85, (5.9%, up 2.2% from 2019}, graduated summa cum laude. 95% find employment within a year, with DTU graduating highly professional resources to boost national socioeconomic development.
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on DTU. Staff, lecturers and students strictly followed the rule of temporarily staying away from the university without interrupting their studies. Meanwhile DTU invested in new infrastructure, trained its lecturers in remote teaching methods, built an online education system and thoroughly applied the latest information technology to run comprehensive, synchronous online classes for the entire university, contributing to the national success in the fight against Covid-19. DTU’s remarkable efforts throughout the most difficult times have yielded remarkable results. Course schedules were strictly maintained and DTU was the first university in the country to hold its graduation ceremony on time as originally planned.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân t? ch?c L? Trao b?ng T?t nghi?p nam 2020
DTU valedictorians receive Certificates of Merit
DTU Provost Dr. Le Nguyen Bao said: “Today has special meaning for DTU’s final-year students, as it marks the end of a journey of study and the opening of a new page of your lives, now equipped with the knowledge and experience you acquired at university. The Covid-19 pandemic caused great upheaval, making this graduation year much more of a rollercoaster ride than previous ones. Nonetheless, I believe that all challenges and difficulties come with opportunities, and major challenges quickly lead to strong recoveries, but we must still quickly adapt and stay flexible.  I am sure that, although everything has changed so much, you will still hold onto your dream, maintain your good spirit and intellectual curiosity to confidently enter your new lives and careers.” 
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân t? ch?c L? Trao b?ng T?t nghi?p nam 2020
Happy new graduates
Dr. Vo Thanh Hai talked to the students and their parents about DTU’s most outstanding achievements, due to the combined efforts of students, lecturers and others.  As such, DTU is one of the 500 best Asian universities in 2020 according to QS Ranking; it ranked second out of the ten leading Vietnamese universities by international publications in the Nature Index 2019 ranking; it ranked seventh by research capacity on the SCImago 2020 university ranking, it came third out of four Vietnamese universities (1,854th of the world) on the CWUR world university ranking; and it ranked third out of eight Vietnamese universities (1,147th of the world) on the URAP academic ranking. DTU was also the second Vietnamese university to obtain American ABET accreditation and the government awarded it a first-class Labor order in November 2019. 
DTU Provost, Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, received a Third-Class Labor Order from the government and 69 out of 121 of the university’s researchers received Certificates of Merit from the Danang People’s Committee. The eCPR 3D simulator, created by Dr. Le Van Chung’s research team, for use in community cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, won the 2020 Sao Khue award. The DTU-Vent was an important and practical invention to assist Danang and the government in their fight against Covid-19 and DTU student Thu Ngan, of K23KEU-QTH, was voted one of six exemplary persons in Danang and the only student to be named nationally as “An Advancing Young Woman following in Uncle Ho’s Footsteps”.  
DTU awarded valedictorians of all disciplines Certificates of Merit and prizes, students winning national and international prizes in 2020 with Certificates of Merit and newly graduated Masters, engineers, architects, pharmacists, and Bachelors of all disciplines with degrees. We want you to always be self-confident and strong and overcome all obstacles to realize your dreams!
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