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2020 War Robots Contest

On May 30, the DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering held the “2020 War Robots” contest. Students demonstrated their skills in Electronics, Control and Automation Engineering.
Mãn nhãn v?i các Tr?n d?u K?ch tính trong Cu?c thi “Robot Ð?i chi?n 2020”
Teams compete at the “2020 War Robots” contest
The 12 teams participating in the 2020 War Robots contest had comparable levels of competence and talent. The contest was a knockout and each team was provided with one manual Master Robot and two manual and automated Defense Robots. The matches lasted for three minutes each and contestants had to control the Master Robot to overcome obstacles and move towards the opponent’s zone to shoot at focal points on pillars. Each focal point was protected by two defense robots with shields to block the enemy’s laser bullets.          
Spectators were excited by the fierce battles between the “super” robots controlled by the passionate and creative contestants. The competition was intense and lasted many hours. Finally, the TPN-EDC team won and received a million VND prize. The MVP and NQD teams came second and third, with 800,000 VND and 500,000 VND respectively. The Candy Boy team won a consolation prize and Certificates of Participation were awarded to the remaining ones.
Mãn nhãn v?i các Tr?n d?u K?ch tính trong Cu?c thi “Robot Ð?i chi?n 2020”
The TPN-EDC champions
Truong Minh Xuan Tung, a member of the TPN-EDC team and a student of PNU Mechatronics at DTU, said: “We are very happy to have defeated other excellent teams to become champions. We’ve gained much experience and learned more about robotics and automation as a result. We’ve also exchanged techniques and demonstrated our talent and creativity.”
The 2020 War Robots contest was an interesting opportunity for students with a passion for technology. The most talented teams will receive additional support to take part in the upcoming international robotics competitions.
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