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IT and Electrical Engineering graduates secure highly-paid jobs

In the time of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, companies are fiercely competing to hire skilled IT and Electrical Engineering graduates worldwide. 94% percent of DTU graduates are immediately offered highly remunerative, key positions. DTU continues to provide IT and Electrical Engineering courses to allow graduates a broad range of career choices, with monthly salaries of $1,000 and up. 

Ngành Công ngh? Thông tin, Ði?n - Ði?n t?: Luong có th? lên d?n c? nghìn dô la

If you study the latest technology, you will earn more on graduation
Artificial Intelligence, data science, big data and blockchain may sound unfamiliar, but they are vitally significant today to IT professionals. Experts in these fields in Vietnam and elsewhere are headhunted into jobs with high monthly salaries:
- Artificial Intelligence: $1,939 or 45 million vnd
- Blockchain: $1,856 or 43 million vnd
- Big Data: $1,690 or 39 million vnd
- Data Science: $1,652 or 38 million vnd
According to TopDev, a leading recruiter in the Mobile & IT fields in Vietnam, a data science professional makes an average salary of 470 million vnd per year and an AI engineer earns 520 million vnd. 
Ngành Công ngh? Thông tin, Ði?n - Ði?n t?: Luong có th? lên d?n c? nghìn dô la
DTU partners with Carnegie Mellon University (above) and with Purdue University
Companies are unable to currently hire as many qualified professionals as they need however, which is continuing serious problem. Vietnamworks predicts that Vietnam lacks 400,000 IT staff and needs 78,000 each year.
DTU offers the following IT majors: 
- Artificial Intelligence
- BigData & Machine Learning, the Talent program
- Information Security 
- Software Engineering
- Troy Information Technology, the American Degree Program (ADP) 
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State-of-the-art computer labs with internet connection are fully available
DTU has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to deploy international standard programs including:
- CMU standard Information Security
- CMU standard Software Engineering
- CMU standard Management Information Systems
The advanced programs are taught by lecturers who have been trained in IT and teaching methods at Carnegie Mellon, providing the latest IT materials and education methods. On completion, graduates will be awarded from 18 to 22 internationally recognized course-completion certificates from Carnegie Mellon. 
In August 2019, ABET officially accredited the two DTU Network Engineering and Management Information Systems programs at the highest level of six years. DTU is only the second university in Vietnam to be accredited, in addition to the Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology, in 2014. This allows graduates to be eligible to join the global workforce.  
IT students will obtain an in-depth knowledge of Software Engineering, Management Information Systems, Programming Technology, Operating Systems, Network Security and Computer Network Programming, at the same time acquiring an understanding of IT services and marketing.
Electrical Engineering: Providing students with access to industry-standard equipment and state-of-the-art facilities
Qualified DTU Electrical Engineering graduates, fluent in English, know that they will be able to find excellent, diverse careers with monthly salaries up to 15 million vnd and strong promotional opportunities. In preparation, applicants must choose a university with the best faculty, classrooms, labs and equipment, and advanced academic programs focusing on the fields that are most in demanding.  
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State-of-the-art DTU Electrical Engineering laboratories
DTU Electrical Engineering majors include Electrical Automation, Embedded Systems, Telecommunications, Automation and Control Engineering Technology, Automotive Engineering Technology, as well as two international-standard majors, Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering, in partnership with Purdue Northwest University.  
Students study electricity, computers, robotics, electronics and instrumentation, various types of control systems and the use of automated manufacturing systems. Graduates will be able to analyze, design and construct automatic control systems and production lines and maintain, repair and upgrade electronic and mechanical engineering systems.  
Ngành Công ngh? Thông tin, Ði?n - Ði?n t?: Luong có th? lên d?n c? nghìn dô la
Ngành Công ngh? Thông tin, Ði?n - Ði?n t?: Luong có th? lên d?n c? nghìn dô la
The eCPR and “2 in 1” dtu-VENT Version 2.0
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering first collaborated with Purdue University, a leading American university in Engineering and Technology, to share and develop advanced curricula in Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics, awarding Purdue Certificates of Completion. DTU has recently hired experienced lecturers and built 3 new Mechanical Engineering workshops, 8 laboratories and 2 centers to boost DTU research activities: 
- Electronics Lab 
- Logic Lab 
- Electrical Machinery Lab 
- The Advanced Telecommunications Lab 
- Microprocessors
- Industrial Robot Lab 
- Biomedical electronics Lab
- Microcontrollers Lab
- The Center of Electrical Engineering – CEE
- The Center of Information Technology – CIT 
One of the new educational methods in Electrical Engineering is to directly involve students in the development of projects to create specific products, using the international CDIO teaching method, designed by MIT and the Swedish Royal Academy. Students apply their theoretical knowledge and skills to practical problems and have already created many useful products, even before graduation:
- Electric Wheelchairs
- A robot restaurant waitress
- A robot to guide pedestrians across the street
- Robotic arms for the disabled
- A robot that automatically looks for weld defects in ship hulls
- A Smartbed
DTU applied to ABET for Electrical Engineering accreditation in 2019 and will be notified on August 8, at the beginning of the new school year.  
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