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Excellent Career Opportunities for Literature & Journalism, Tourism Culture and International Relations Graduates

Highly-educated professional human resources are a lever for economic growth. Technology specialists have already asserted their importance and Social Sciences and Humanities workers are now becoming equally privileged as Vietnam and the region begins to focus on the economy, culture and tourism. DTU has developed the most advanced education system to graduate the best journalists, culture specialists and diplomats, in order to address the lack of quality and large deficiency of professionals in the Social Sciences and the Humanities.
Literature & Journalism: A writer’s passion and responsibility 
Every profession has its own glory and driving force and journalism is no exception. Journalists must experience problems and risks to bring their readers the most accurate information. A skilled journalist must be knowledgeable and skillful, faithful and objective, with a sense of social responsibility. At DTU, Literature & Journalism students acquire an in-depth education on their majors, in addition to the following skills:
? Print, online, radio, television, editing books, newspapers and magazines
? Directing projects, organizing events, public relations
? Literature and social research to train as teachers at high schools and colleges
? Participating in international exchanges in various fields, regionally and worldwide
Students intern with publishers, editorial offices and television stations to achieve a clearer understanding of journalism basics and related issues, and accumulating the appropriate information to produce newspaper articles, publications and television programs. 
R?ng m? Co h?i Vi?c làm cho Sinh viên h?c Van Báo chí, Van hóa Du l?ch, và Quan h? Qu?c t?
DTU organizes frequent conferences and exchanges to broaden student experience and development
Social Sciences and Humanities students are educated using the PBL international training method to strengthen their knowledge, creative thinking and the ability to react quickly to emerging issues in their work and lives.
“In these days of explosive sources of information, journalism is becoming an extremely popular field, with excellent career prospects,” said Vo Thi Kim Ngan, Director of the School of Journalism and Communications. “Up to 94% of our students find employment and many are now working at local press agencies and at media companies all over the country. Journalism is a profession that hones your spirit and pure-heartedness. Every single article is like a message from its author, behind each news story lie the fates of the many players involved.”
Tourism Culture: A promising field for graduates with a passion for travel and tour guiding
Vietnam is incredibly beautiful, with thousands of scenic locations and cultural heritage sites. Tourists from Vietnam and abroad marvel at the beauty of the Hoan Kiem Lake, Ha Long Bay, the landscapes of Trang An-Ninh Binh, Hue’s Ancient Citadel and the diverse customs of the various regions. However, unplanned travels, without a guide, make them regret after that they missed some important details. This is why the education and availability of experienced tour guides is essential.
DTU provides additional job opportunities for Vietnamese Studies students at DTU, because of its strengths in hospitality, foreign languages and social sciences. By selecting the Tourism Culture minor, students gain a clearer understanding of the country, its people, culture, customs and tourism products. Graduates will be able to go into teaching or research, work for the government to manage culture and tourism or work as: 
? Tour guides and travel agents
? Receptionists or cashiers at hotels
? At government or corporate tourism offices in Vietnam and abroad
Since 2019, The Talented Program Tourism Culture students are eligible for free English courses taught by native speakers, to enhance their language skills and career opportunities.
R?ng m? Co h?i Vi?c làm cho Sinh viên h?c Van Báo chí, Van hóa Du l?ch, và Quan h? Qu?c t?
Le Van Thang, a student of Tourism Culture in Vietnamese Studies, wins a third Eureka prize in 2018 
Dr. Tran Thi Anh Nguyet, a lecturer in Social Sciences & Humanities, said: “the Tourism Culture minor of the Vietnamese Studies program teaches Vietnamese literature, our language, country, culture and people. The course combines culture and tourism studies to provide students the flexibility to work in several fields, especially in tourism. This is the current direction of tourism development in Danang, but resorts are still the main focus and the availability of cultural activities for tourists is still quite poor. Research must be conducted into the many local places of interest and potential cultural attractions to bring more visitors to beautiful Central Vietnam and prolong their stays here.”
International Relations: An opportunity to become a diplomat
In times of globalization, establishing good working relationships between Vietnam and other countries is vital to our development. Ensuring that international relations are controlled and mutually beneficial requires experts to bridge countries diplomatically. Due to its significance, this requires that graduates need to become professional communicators, with a wide knowledge of economics, politics, social sciences, international culture and so on.
Many applicants have recently signed up for this major because they need the maturity, prestige and self-confidence to tackle complex problems and climb the social ladder. Responding to this need, DTU has formulated a special educational strategy to educate International Relations students to become multifaceted and flexible diplomats.
Students study with lecturers with foreign professorships or PhDs abroad to broaden their knowledge of economics, politics, social sciences and culture, to become familiar with other languages and advanced study methods early on. The program also teaches Cultural Diplomacy, Public Relations, the Art of Negotiation, International Economic Relations and Diplomatic Reception.
The university regularly invites leading experts in international relations and diplomacy to share their knowledge and experience, providing would-be diplomats with a deeper understanding of international collaboration.
Dr. Hoang Thi Huong, Dean of Social Sciences & Humanities, says “Human resources are an important element in the expansion of relationships and providing information to expand collaboration and national development. This is why International Relations graduates currently have a marked advantage seeking employment, especially in a rapidly developing and integrating country like Vietnam. International Relations graduates work in many key positions in municipal or provincial departments of external affairs, the Department of Science, Technology and International Cooperation, under the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, the Danang Trade Promotion Center, and the NGO Peace Trees.”
In 2020 season, DTU continues to award preferential scholarships students of Literature & Journalism, Tourism Culture and International Relations  
- 700 scholarships, worth from 500 thousand to 2 million VND for high-school transcript applicants, with 22 points or higher;
- 450 DTU scholarships, worth from 1 to 5 million VND for applicants with a total High School Graduation Exam three-subject score from 5 to 10 points higher than the admissions minimum;
- A 10% reduction in first-year tuition fees for applicants in Vietnamese Studies and International Relations (The Talented Program);
- Talent scholarships: 135 full and partial scholarships for foreign applicants who graduated from high school; 
- 90 full and partial scholarships to Vietnamese applicants who won first, second, third or consolation prizes at National Skilled Student contests or Science and Technology Competitions organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, who graduated high school. They can enroll directly for the major of their prize or for any related major if they have an IELTS score of 5.5 or higher, or an English-language score of at least 6 at the HSGE.
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