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Skilled DTU Architecture and Construction Engineering graduates create high-quality buildings

In Vietnam today, the demand for unique and attractive new living and working space is mainly entrusted to architects and construction engineers from the younger generation. They give life to house and landscape designs that showcase the personalities, interests and esthetics of their new owners. 
Many skilled and confident DTU Construction and Architecture graduates have moved to all parts of the country to create beautiful buildings, rich in functionality and esthetic value.
Architecture: Advanced program inspires creativity   
Teaching or studying Architecture requires sustained efforts to learn and enhance a wide variety of different skills, because the discipline combines both artistic and technical elements. For several years now, DTU lecturers and students of Architecture have been gaining knowledge, keeping the flame of creativity alive and building a solid foundation for graduates to begin establishing startups or finding excellent careers, with attractive salaries.
ÐH Duy Tân ký k?t v?i ÐH Bang California d? ti?p nh?n chuong trình dào t?o tiên ti?n và qu?c t?
DTU partners with California State University to share its advanced international programs 
The DTU Architecture program includes:
- Architecture
- Interior Design
- Advanced CSU International-Standard Architecture
- Architectural Heritage Conservation.
Since 2011, DTU has offered advanced international programs shared with partner universities in the US. These include California State University (CSU) Fullerton, one of the leading public universities on the West Coast, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, ranked fifth in Civil Engineering. These were the first programs in Architecture and Engineering available in Central Vietnam. Graduates are awarded 21 globally recognized Course Certificates.
DTU has implemented the CDIO teaching method in Architecture studies, which promotes inspiration and creativity for students to more actively research specific information, develop their soft skills and work in practical situations to quickly refine their ideas.
Students of this program can obtain globally recognized Course Certificates, studying completely in English with experienced lecturers from the US and driving their foreign language and creative thinking skills to much higher levels. This education enables DTU graduates to have a great advantage as they enter the global labor market.
DTU Architecture students will learn the design skills required to work on both small-scale to large-scale projects, simple and complex, and how to integrate structures, technology and materials. 
Sinh viên Ki?n trúc và Xây d?ng h?c t?p và th?c hành th?c t?
Architecture and Construction students
Architecture graduates ultimately secure jobs in design and engineering management, corporate architecture consulting and urban management, in private local, national and foreign companies. 
Dang Xuan Nam, a DTU Architecture student, won a First place in the 2010 Loa Thanh Civil Engineering and Architecture Tournament, a first for Danang universities.
Civil Engineering: graduates qualified construction engineers  
According to the Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Association, Vietnam has 78,000 construction companies with 4 million employees. Unfortunately, their quantity and quality does not meet national requirements. Vietnam devotes from 30% to 40% of its GDP to investment in technical infrastructure construction, the development of industrial zones, urbanization, and culture, education and services each year. Recent rapid urbanization requires large quantities of highly-trained workers.
The DTU Civil Engineering program includes: 
- Civil and Industrial Engineering
- Advanced CSU Civil and Industrial Engineering
- Construction Engineering Management
- Road & Bridge Construction
To improve the quality of education at DTU, the university has partnered with California State University Fullerton and California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo, (CSU - CalState), to develop the first local advanced programs in Architecture and Construction, inviting experts from universities in Germany, France, Canada, Taiwan and Russia to lecture at DTU.  
Over the years, DTU has invested in Civil Engineering personnel, facilities and equipment. Courses are taught using the CDIO teaching methodology, enabling students to compete in national and international competitions.
Construction work involves far more than is seen at the building site and a wide choice of jobs are available. These involve designing, planning and project management and hands-on practical work.
DTU Civil Engineering graduates will be able to work as:
- Construction managers 
- Consultants 
- Project appraisers
- Designers
- Inspectors or surveyors for companies involved in the construction of roads and bridges, for government agencies or real estate and supply companies.
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành nhi?u gi?i thu?ng trong nu?c và qu?c t?
DTU Construction students win major awards in national and international competitions
Construction students study under the guidance of dedicated lecturers in an advanced study environment and have won major awards in national and international competitions, adding to their achievements. These include:
- Thirteen excellent graduation projects 
- 2014 and 2015 prizes at the National Loa Thanh tournaments 
- Forty-five national Olympiad prizes in Mathematics, Physics, Material strength, Structural Mechanics and Soil Mechanics, including 11 first, 9 second, 15 third and 8 consolation prizes between 2010 and 2018 
- The 2014 Asia-Pacific 14th IDEERS competition to design earthquake-resistant buildings, held in Taiwan 
In 2020 enrollment season, DTU continues to award preferential scholarships students of Architecture and Civil Engineering
- 700 scholarships, worth from 500 thousand to 2 million VND for high-school transcript applicants, with 22 points or higher;
- 450 DTU scholarships, worth from 1 to 5 million VND for applicants with a total High School Graduation Exam three-subject score from 5 to 10 points higher than the admissions minimum;
- A 15% reduction in first-year tuition fees for 50 applicants in Road and Bridge Construction, Construction Engineering Management, Architecture and Interior Design;
- 10 Full scholarships per major: 100% of tuition fee for applicants to the advanced and international CSU programs, with a total High School Graduation Exam three-subject score of 23 or above;
Subject sets for admission


Major code/
Minor  code

Subject sets for admission

High School Graduation Exam scores  based admission

Transcript-based admission (grade 12 average scores;

early grade 11 and first term grade 12 results)

DTU Architecture program includes:


1. Maths, Physics, Drawing (V00)
2. Maths, Literature, Drawing (V01)
3. Maths, Social Sciences, Drawing (M02)
4. Maths, Natural Sciences, Drawing (M04)

1. Maths, Physics, Drawing (V00)
2. Maths, Literature, Drawing (V01)
3. Maths, English, Drawing (V02)
4. Maths, Geography, Drawing (V06)



  Interior Design


Architectural Heritage Conservation


CSU International-Standard Architecture


1. Maths, Physics, Drawing (V00)
2. Maths, Literature, Drawing (V01)
3. Maths, Social Sciences, Drawing (M02)
3. Maths, Natural Sciences, Drawing (M04)

1. Maths, Physics, Drawing (V00)
2. Maths, Literature, Drawing (V01)
3. Maths, English, Drawing (V02)
4. Maths, Geography, Drawing (V06)


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