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A Wide choice of Jobs for DTU Pharmacy Graduates

DTU first offered a Bachelor of Pharmacology degree program in 2012, due to the shortage of qualified pharmacists in Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands. Although tuition fees at some public universities have recently increased, DTU is still quite reasonably priced, despite the fact that the university is not state subsidized but continuously invests in the latest equipment and foreign-trained lecturers.  
Many believe that university-level pharmacists only sell medication, which is a misconception. A pharmacist is an individual licensed to prepare, compound and dispense drugs and medications, by way of a prescription from a licensed practitioner, such as a physician, a dentist, an advanced practice nurse or a physician’s assistant. A pharmacist is a health care professional who consults with and often gives advice to the licensed practitioner concerning drugs and medications. They also understand the drug production process, including clinical research, extraction, manufacturing, packaging, storage and distribution.  
More money is now being spent on medicine 
Vietnam has been ranked among a group of countries in the so-called "pharmerging" market by the IQVIA Institute. In 2011, the Ministry of Health reported that Vietnam had officially entered a phase of population aging, when there were two million people over 80. However, by 2030, elderly people will account for 18% of the Vietnamese population and 26% by 2050, up from the current 11%. This significant increase will force the authorities and educational institutions to improve the quantity and quality of nurses to meet future healthcare requirements.
Sinh viên ngành Du?c (Du?c si Ð?i h?c): R?ng m? Co h?i Vi?c làm
Sinh viên ngành Du?c (Du?c si Ð?i h?c): R?ng m? Co h?i Vi?c làm
Dr. Ara Tekian, Professor of Medical Education at the University of Illinois in Chicago, signs a training agreement with Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co
According to Nielsen Holdings, a global measurement and data analytics company, “Healthcare has now become the biggest concern in Vietnam, overtaking job stability.” More Vietnamese can now afford medical services due to improving income levels and education, while pollution leads to more disease, leading to a significant increasing demand for pharmaceuticals here. 
According to statistics from BMI Research, the Vietnamese pharmaceuticals market is now worth over $5.9 billion, the second largest market in Southeast Asia. This is expected to increase to $.7 billion in 2021. The Vietnamese pharmaceutical spending ratio is quite high, at 33%, compared to 44% in Cambodia, 39% in China, 34% in Thailand and 16% in Australia. 
About 25,000 pharmacists, 86% with Bachelor’s degrees and 14% with PhDs, Master’s degrees, or level-I and level-II specialization are required.
Improvements in the quality of Pharmacy education
Pharmacy is a specialized field which requires lecturers to constantly refine their skills and ethics. Since its inception, DTU has been working hard to improve the quality of education and to graduate highly professional pharmacists.
Sinh viên ngành Du?c (Du?c si Ð?i h?c): R?ng m? Co h?i Vi?c làm
Sinh viên ngành Du?c (Du?c si Ð?i h?c): R?ng m? Co h?i Vi?c làm
Students train at the DTU Pharmacy
DTU partners with several major American universities to share programs, including the University of Illinois in Chicago, which has the most comprehensive program in Medicine and Nursing in the US, and the University of Pittsburgh, ranked seventh in the US in Health Sciences, and the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. 
DTU has invested in 18 modern labs for students to practice before working in a real hospital. The Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Pathophysiology, Immunology, Microbiology and Parasite laboratories, the MedSim Center and Center of Visualization & Simulation., which all meet the necessary safety standards and are equipped with the most advanced technology. 
DTU University Pharmacy meets GPP standards 
DTU invested in a University Pharmacy, as a business and a place to train students who, in their fifth year, need to complete a one-month internship at a pharmaceutical factory, a pharmaceutical business, a hospital or a community. The university has created the ideal conditions for students to intern and gain practical experience at the DTU Pharmacy and at in-house simulated pharmacies. 
DTU adopted the PBL and TBL (Evidence-Based Learning) advanced teaching methods for Pharmacy education several years ago, applied in life and health sciences education at many of the world's leading universities. Learning with PBL and TBL helps students learn as much as possible, solve problems and proactively explore various career paths on graduation.  
 DTU has offered five-year Bachelor of Pharmacy degree program to ensure students to accumulate as much knowledge and experience as possible. 
Students will be educated in: 
- Drug production and development, 
- Clinical Pharmacy, 
- Drug trade and management, 
- Drug quality and testing procedures.
- Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy, 
Subject sets for admission


Major code

Subject sets for admission

High School Graduation Exam scores  based admission

Transcript-based admission (grade 12 average scores; early grade 11 and first term grade 12 results)



1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry

2. Maths, Natural Sciences, Literature

3. Maths, Chemistry, Biology

4. Maths, Biology, Literature

1. Maths, Physics, Chemistry

2. Maths, Chemistry, Biology

3. Maths, Biology, Literature

4. Literature,  Maths, Chemistry

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