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DTU and Business

Golden Opportunities for Students

Since 2006, DTU and the Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper have organized a Jobs Fair, a dependable annual event that provides golden opportunities for upcoming graduates.
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DTU partners with the Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper
The 14th Jobs Fair of 2020 saw 63 companies hiring for 2,039 positions. These comprised IT, with 19% of the total, Tourism and Resorts at 8%, Business Administration 26%, Accounting, Finance and Banking 8%, Architecture and Engineering 6%, Services and Advertising 7%, Law 5%, Medicine and Health Sciences 1%, Education and Skills Training 6%, and other fields 14%.
For students
Employment is always a leading concern, as more and more of graduates remain unemployed or in jobs unrelated to their university studies, which is a burden on them and society in general. From inception, DTU set its objective: “All for student education and employment, to support and create conditions in response to the students’ desire for stable employment appropriate to their abilities and majors upon graduation, contributing to the development of our nation.”
Over the past 14 years, the Jobs Fair has attracted 1,450 recruiters from Danang and elsewhere hiring for 24,200 positions and receiving 29,000 student applications.
When reinventing its development, DTU has always come up with solutions for educational improvements to provide companies with highly-qualified graduates who meet their requirements. DTU has made agreements with 300 local businesses in Danang and elsewhere. The objective is to support students in their studies by arranging for companies to teach applied subjects at DTU, talk about real business situations and recruit interns. This 3-in-1 method has improved the quality of education at DTU, its prestige and helped the university become highly regarded for its practical training programs and the expertise and skills of its graduates. 
The Jobs Fair is really important, not just for students but also for businesses like us,” Hilton Danang General Manager Mr. Jasper Bach Larsen said. “The university organizes many regular events with business involvement to improve education and teach potential employees to meet the requirements of socioeconomic development and the practical requirements of businesses. That is what we always appreciate about DTU.”
Striving to earn student trust
DTU offers students the opportunity to work while studying, to experience the business environment real-time. The university has supported the 2,259 out of 3,800 students, or 59%, who were accepted for part-time jobs at 156 companies from September, 2008 to April, 2019. Since 2016, employment has taken a turn for the worse all over the country, but DTU emerged as a shining light with impressive results, with 94% of its graduates finding jobs within six months or a year. Almost all DTU graduates found steady employment in leading companies, as managers, skilled technicians or with key positions in government agencies.
DTU signed agreements with 230 businesses guaranteeing full-time employment of new graduates or supporting students with internships during their studies, allowing them to gain practical experience to complement the theory learned at school. Accounting, IT, Business Administration and Tourism students, who study high-quality courses at DTU, are highly appreciated during their internships. Construction, Architecture and other companies come to DTU to select skilled staff while they are still studying. This is because a DTU education is geared to local needs, intended by the DTU Board of Provosts to boost students’ self-confidence while studying and job hunting. The university has also jointly organized specialized recruitment programs for Hospitality and IT. In the future, it is anticipated that DTU will organize recruitment programs in other disciplines, in addition to the annual Jobs Fair.
Co h?i vàng dành cho Sinh viên
The DTU Jobs Fair attracts job hunters (Photo: Khac Cang)
Co h?i vàng dành cho Sinh viên
The Business Alumni Club: Key members (Photo: Khac Cang)
The DTU Business Alumni Club also attended the 2020 Jobs Fair. Mr. Dang Minh Duong, of the K13 class, is now a Director of the Vuong Na Duong Trading and Service Company, and also Chairman of the club. He explained that the club was founded to work with the university in its career orientation and internship activities, to help students find jobs, give them startup suggestions and support, help skilled students overcome difficulties and foster pride. The core of the Club consists of twenty alumni in key businesses positions and 18 of their companies attended the fair.
25 years is not very old for a university, but with its ceaseless efforts, DTU made many noteworthy achievements and affirmed its role and position in society. 

Co h?i vàng dành cho Sinh viên

DTU Vice-Provost Dr. Nguyen Huu Phu, the 2020 Jobs Fair Organizing Committee Chairman:
“In 2020, as the entire country and the world are facing many varied difficulties and challenges, we and the Central Vietnam business community have to fight the dangers and damage caused by Covid-19 together. 63 recruiters overcame difficulties to join us at the Jobs Fair and hire into many attractive positions. This shows the interest, trust and expectations businesses have coming to DTU. It is a big opportunity and provides much encouragement to DTU students.” In the name of the 2020 Jobs Fair Organizing Committee, I’d like to express my gratitude to the recruiters who have trusted us and been with us for 14 years now.”
(Tran Han)