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Many National Excellent Student Laureates Applying to DTU

In addition to the several national excellent student laureates who applied for direct admission to DTU in February and March 2019, Nguyen Ngoc Gia Huy who won a consolation prize at the National Science and Technology contest with the project “Garbage collection management in urban areas”,  applied for the DTU On-Site Study-Abroad program in collaboration with Troy University in the US, and Do Huu Tuan who won a consolation prize at the national excellent student contest in Informatics  was admitted for Big Data & Machine Learning and receives a DTU Talent Scholarship.
Nguyen Ngoc Gia Huy: Full trust in the quality of education at DTU
Born and grew up in a region with a strong scholarly tradition, the smart and hardworking Nguyen Ngoc Gia Huy, a student at Nguyen Binh Khiem high school for the gifted in Quang Nam, reaped many high prizes: a first provincial prize and a national consolation prize at the Science and Technology contest with his project “Garbage collection management in urban areas”, and skilled student awards three years in a row for mathematics.
Nhi?u H?c sinh gi?i c?p Qu?c gia ti?p t?c Ðang ký tuy?n th?ng vào ÐH Duy Tân
Nguyen Ngoc Gia Huy is passionate about IT 
Keen to learn and with a boundless passion for technology is how his friends usually describe Gia Huy. This very natural interest has inspired Gia Huy to learn more about the currently very popular field of IT. Ever since starting senior high school, Gia Huy tried his hand at a lot of research. When he witnessed how garbage in residential areas is increasing while collection is very inadequate, Gia Huy came up with the idea for the project “Garbage collection management in urban areas”, in the hope to help bring back a clean living environment.
With academic achievements like his, Gia Huy could choose from a great many universities to start his studies in 2019. But, without hesitation, he selected DTU to advance his passion for scientific investigation. “I know a great many people who grew up at DTU and they are all more or less successful in their careers,” he explains. “They told me about the educational quality and how the university always encourages students to engage in scientific research and how it always creates the most optimal conditions for this. This really suits my interests and my aspirations. As such, I believe that studying at DTU will allow me to become a skilled software engineer, as is my desire.”
Gia Huy has a very compelling reason to choose to study IT: “I investigated the matter carefully, and I found out that the DTU On-Site Study-Abroad program has been very efficiently implemented in collaboration with Troy University in the US. In addition to studying for an international degree, the students can study with a great many lecturers from the US and obtain a Troy University degree. What better can you get than being in Vietnam but still access and acquire the newest and most advanced knowledge in information technology of the world? Right now, what I have to do is do my utmost best to get high grades at the coming High Graduation Exam and confidently start university.”
Do Huu Tuan: DTU to realize dream of becoming an IT engineer
Do Huu Tuan developed a special love for computers and the mysterious “world of technology” from a young age. Before starting senior high school at Nguyen Binh Khiem high school for the gifted in Quang Nam, Huu Tuan already demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for Informatics, and he always nurtured the dream to become a skilled IT engineer. This was furthermore Huu Tuan’s motivation to study hard and set down impressive achievements in this field. He won a third prize at the provincial excellent student contest in Informatics when in 11th grade, and a second prize at the provincial level and a consolation prize at the national contest when in 12th grade.
Do Huu Tuan, passionate about research, with his beloved computer
Passionate about algorithms, programming tools, and utility software, Huu Tuan decided to study DTU’s “talent major” of Big Data & Machine Learning to realize his dream. “When searching for a school, not knowing which universities offer the best IT programs caused me headaches,” he explains, “for there are so many schools offering the major nowadays. However, after listening to the advice from my family and my teachers and after doing some research myself, I found that DTU has striking assets when it comes to training in IT - modern facilities and an e-library, and programs in collaboration with US universities. As such, I found it really offered the environment I was searching for. Actually, some people asked me why I don’t choose a public university instead of a private one like DTU. According to me, though, you should choose whichever place has an environment that agrees with you. Only then can you fully develop your capabilities.”
As he chose Big Data & Machine Learning, a major that has become very hot in recent years, Huu Tuan furthermore receives a valuable full scholarship for the entire course. “Big Data & Machine Learning currently has special importance for the development of companies and businesses, while people skilled in it are still in short supply,” Huu Tuan observes. “This is why my choice of major not only fits my interests, but also promises to provide me with attractive career opportunities later on.
“I am very happy with the full scholarship the university granted me. It is a valuable gift and a precious reward for the many years of hard work at high school. It will encourage me to be even more studious and become a skilled IT engineer in the future.”
For more information on training in information technology at DTU, see the Faculty of Information Technology and the International School 
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