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DTU Students Win Big Prizes at the 2019 National Student Olympiad

DTU students won 5 second, 2 third and 1 consolation prize at the 2019 National Mathematics and Physics Olympiad. The event is held annually to promote learning and encourage talented young people to demonstrate their skills.  
SV Duy Tân giành gi?i nhì và khuy?n khích t?i K? thi Olympic V?t lý SV toàn qu?c 2019
DTU students at the 2019 National Physics Olympiad
The Olympiad was held from April 17 to 20 by the Vietnam Association of Physics and the Ministry of Education and Training and 248 students and 116 lecturers attended. In preparation, DTU chose special students for advanced training. After six months, the K-24 team, which included Luong Thi Tu Lan, Bui Tan Nguyen, Nguyen Phi Thinh, Nguyen Le Truc Linh and Nguyen Vo Ha Truc took home 5 second prizes. In addition, Luong Thi Tu Lan won 2 individual prizes, one second and one consolation, in multiple-choice questions and a constructed-response test respectively.
Dr. Nguyen Phuoc The, Dean of the DTU Faculty of Natural Sciences said: “These achievements demonstrate the ability of DTU students, both in quantity and quality. DTU encourages them to take part in various competitions for personal development and learn from colleagues from all over the country. This will ensure them increased self-confidence and success in their future careers.”
Sinh viên Duy Tân giành nhi?u gi?i Nhì, Ba t?i Olympic Sinh viên toàn qu?c 2019
DTU students 
Luong Thi Tu Lan said: “I had many different feelings during this competition, from nervousness to happiness, doing the test, checking the answers, waiting for the results and receiving the award. The Olympiad gave us the opportunity to make new friends and develop our skills. Although my performance did not live up to my expectations, it still motivated me to continue studying diligently and to stay prepared for further competitions”
Previously, tat the 2019 National Mathematics Olympiad held at Nha Trang University from April 1 to 7, the DTU team won 2 third prizes. 
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