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Four Vietnamese Information Security Teams Ranked in the CTFTime Top Hundred

The AceBear, ISITDTU, BTeam and MeePwn teams are the four Capture the Flag (CTF) network information security leaders in the Vietnamese rankings, at 53rd, 73rd, 76th and 89th position in the world respectively.
X?p h?ng c?a các d?i thi th?c hành ki?n th?c an toàn thông tin m?ng c?a Vi?t Nam trên b?ng x?p h?ng CTFTime
The world rankings of the Vietnamese network information security teams
According to the WhiteHat.vn forum, Vietnam is currently ranked as country number eight in the world, according to the number of CTF teams. Capture the Flag or CTF is a popular network information security contest, a series of networked war games focusing on the attack and defensive skills of the teams.
The AceBear team consists of students from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology and the Academy of Cryptographic Techniques. ISITDTU is made up of DTU students only, the BTeam comes from the Bkav company and MeePwn from the University of Information Technology, part of the Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City. Completing the top ten CTFTime’s Vietnamese teams are BabyPhD, efiens, z3r0_n1ght, Ins3cl4b, HackersWhoBlaze, and B3biSec.
CTFTime is an independent worldwide CTF tracking website. The team rankings aggregate the scores of each team in registered CTF network security contests worldwide, including the Vietnamese WhiteHat network security contest, the WhiteHat Grand Prix global cyber-security contest, the Viettel contest and the 2018 ISITDTU CTF contest. 
Recently, Microsoft announced its 2018 Top 100 Security Researchers at the US Black Hat meeting. Two members of the Viettel Network Security Center, Tran Tien Hung, nicknamed Hungtt28, and Do Quang Thanh, nicknamed Nyaacate, were both born in the 1990s and were ranked 88th and 97th respectively. Microsoft explained that many major technology firms, such as Yahoo, Snapchat, Dropbox, Facebook and Apple, have “bug bounty” programs which make awards to businesses, researchers or hackers who discover security flaws in their products.
In particular, in 2018, the Microsoft Top 100 Security Researchers committee evaluated those who filed bug reports from July 2017 to June 2018. The list took into account closed vulnerabilities which researchers and hackers discovered and reported to Microsoft. The list excluded third-party reports, from ZDI or iDefense for example, to ensure objectivity and was based on security impact, followed by severity. Security impact was scored on a scale from one to twenty, while severity was scored from one to three.
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