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DTU Receives a National flag from Soldiers at Pearson Reef in the Spratly Islands

On the occasion of the 2018-2019 opening ceremony, DTU was honored to receive a National flag from the faraway Pearson Reef, part of the Spratly Islands.
Colonel Vo Hung Lam, 83th Navy Engineering Brigade Political Commissar, awarding the Vietnamese flag to DTU Youth Union  - Photo: T.N

Receiving the National flag that flew at Pearson Reef in the Spratly Islands from soldiers there encouraged the proud attendees to continue focusing on programs aimed to unite them in protecting the Vietnamese sovereignty of its ocean and islands. 

Many events have already been held so far, including raising more than 100 million vnd for soldiers stationed there, sending mobile text messages of support to collect money to donate the fishermen families in those areas, and musical performances of traditional Vietnamese seafaring songs. 

Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, said: “Many events had been held to motivate fishermen to maintain their fishing offshore, affirming the country’s sea and island sovereignty. The soldiers expressed their great appreciation and presented DTU the National flag. We will resolve to step up the teaching of the history of the sacrifices made by infinite numbers of ordinary people and soldiers who fought to protect the Fatherland in the past, so that younger generations will learn to always respect and be grateful to their ancestors."

As well as holding activities concerning the sovereignty of the Vietnamese seas and islands, DTU has also collaborated with Tre publisher to relive and reimagine the heroic and glorious patriotic movement of youth, students and artists in South Vietnamese cities between 1954 and 1975. The first in a series of books entitled “Answering the Call of Mountains and Rivers” was published in March, 2012.

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